- - Polydrops Unveils All-Electric Trailer

Polydrops Unveils All-Electric Trailer

The equipment lines between bikepackers, adventure cyclists, earth travelers and global trekkers seem to be overlapping more than ever these days, particularly when it comes to the need for lodgings in the great expanse of the outdoors.

Yes, a tent and a rollup will usual do, especially if one is constantly on the move via two-wheels. But, there are those excursions that involve exploring regions where accommodations and access to resources are scarce, and the need for a real bed, a source for water and the means for cooking are a necessity.

One of the more interesting trailer designs to emerge these days comes from the company Polydrops, which recently unveiled its latest all-electric model called the P17A1.

Launched in 2017, the first prototype of the Polydrops trailer featured an entirely handmade, lightweight build and a futuristic design. Fast forward to now, and the company has introduced an all-electric trailer that keeps the angular forms of the original prototype, but features optimized interiors and a huge range of smart, innovative details.

More than just a travel trailer, the P17A1 can easily transform into an off-grid home or a mobile office that can be easily towed by an electric vehicle. Moreover, to minimize the loss of range, the camper has a lightweight aluminum frame and an aerodynamic shape that is as practical as it is stylish. While compact, the interior has an optimized design that maximizes both comfort and function. A spacious bed provides a comfortable way to rest, with a large skylight framing the stars at night.

Additionally, owners can easily access the control panel while lounging on the bed. Powered by solar panels and batteries, the trailer comes with air conditioning, a heater, a vent fan and Bluetooth speakers. Above the bed, three storage spaces offer room for gear. A folding desk also allows the user to work while traveling. At the back, there’s a kitchen with a pull out system that offers access to food prep surfaces. The kitchen also comes with a counter with integrated LED lights, an induction stove, a sink with a water pump, and a Dometic fridge and freezer.

All of these appliances and electric systems receive juice from the solar-powered batteries. Naturally, the P17A1 has power outlets to charge laptops and smartphones. Also, the fully insulated cabin up to R-41 rating, provides peace of mind and keeps the interior snug even in winter.

The price for the state-of-the-art Polydrops P17A1 all-electric trailer starts at $30,590, with all of the features mentioned in this article, along with many others that come standard.  





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