- - PowerTap Releases New Teaser Video

PowerTap Releases New Teaser Video

Judging by a new “teaser” video released by PowerTap this week, it looks like the brand has plans to launch a new pedal-based power meter.

While the information is still forthcoming, it appears as though PowerTap has created a pedal system very similar to the Look-style design; albeit with a wider axle body and restyled rear.

Its everyone’s guess that the bulbous rear is designed to house either sensors, batteries, or both, while the module seen sandwiched between the chain rings and crankarm is likely for housing strain gages.

Keen observers at last September’s EuroBike Show may have noticed a couple of pedal prototypes on display. Unfortunately for those who spotted them, PowerTap was tight lipped as to the eventuality of such a pedal-based system.

It will interesting to see if such a product is ever brought to market, given the brand’s sole focus on hub-based power meters over the last 17 years.

We’d like to see it.  😛

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