- - PRO Defies Gravity with New Vibe Superlight Range of Cockpit Components

PRO Defies Gravity with New Vibe Superlight Range of Cockpit Components

To the rejoice of weight weenies everywhere, PRO has lifted the curtains on its latest range of Vibe Superlight cockpit components, with handlebars, stems, add-on aerobar, an expander plug and a computer mount that are all aimed at defying gravity.

Tipping the scales at a scant 154 grams in a size 38cm, the Vibe Superlight handlebar achieves its feathery weight courtesy of Innegra and unidirectional T1100 carbon fiber. Innegra is a high-modulus polypropylene fiber that found its way into the bike industry that’s used to bolster carbon fiber in keys areas.

When it came to ergonomics, PRO was keen to stick with the same profile that made the outgoing bar a success, maintaining a reach and drop measurement of 80mm and 130mm, respectively.

Optimized to be used in conjunction with the Vibe Superlight handlebar, the Vibe Superlight stem is constructed from 7075 alloy rather than carbon fiber, a decision PRO says “offered us the greatest range of possibilities in the design process, to conform to our PRO testing standards and not having a rider weight limit, providing the lightest, and stiffest connection to the bar as possible and the best option for both internal and semi-internal cable routing”.

The Vibe Superlight stem sells for $175.00, which is available in lengths of 70mm to 120mm with a +/- 6-degree angle that’s compatible with both 1-1/8in and 1-1/4in steerer tubes.

The Vibe Superlight range also includes the 24 gram PRO Gap Cap Expander plug, a 16 gram savings over the previous expander. 

Like the Vibe Superlight stem, the expander plug is also compatible with 1-1/8in and 1-1/4in steerers that includes a carbon top cap for $35.00.   

The range is further rounded out by a new bolt-on, hinged computer mount that offers +/- 20 degrees of adjustability for $180.00, while ultra-endurance cyclists and short-distance triathletes alike are treated to a new set of add-on aerobars that also incorporate its own computer mount for $180.00.

Constructed from UD T700 carbon the PRO Compact Carbon Clip-On weighs just 135 grams, imposing far less of a weight penalty than a traditional triathlon/time trial extension, while still providing similar aerodynamic gains telescopic extensions offer, allowing riders to bring their hands together in a position that reduces their frontal profile, while the solid, bold-on, construction coupled with a broad hand placement zone and anti-slip graphics ensures control while in the extensions.

Though not intended for use while riding technical terrain or on descents, the Compact Carbon Clip-On is secure enough to provide control during unforeseen moments, like hitting a pothole. This helps make it a more suitable alternative, especially for off-road cyclists like gravel and mountain bikers.

You can see the new range of Vibe Superlight cockpit components by visiting PRO’s website here.





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