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The mission of the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association (PBMA) is to Promote, Develop and Advocate for the Professional Bicycle Mechanic. 

To promote the professional bicycle mechanic, PBMA takes steps to educate the public, the industry and the sport about the importance of a well-trained and experienced bicycle mechanic to facilitate the enjoyment, safety and profitability of the sport.  

To advocate on behalf of the professional bicycle mechanic, the PBMA educates consumers, manufacturers and teams about the value and need for a qualified bicycle mechanic, and we are working on a pathway to develop future bicycle mechanics. Moreover, the organization is working with the established cycling community to evolve the image of the bicycle mechanic into a professional expert.

To develop the professional bicycle mechanic, the PBMA educates and builds upon the education of bicycle mechanics. Whether a mechanic’s trade application is race, shop or industry, PBMA aspires to keep their skills valuable and relevant. PBMA are currently working alongside the existing educational institutions to provide a codified system, by which mechanics can become Recognized Professionals.

The Importance of Becoming a Certified Bicycle Mechanic

Why is an independent third-party certification important?

Third-party certification is the only method of certification that is independently developed and verified thereby removing conflict of interest and providing significant meaning.
The classifications of certification methods are:

First-party certification, which is a self-declaration. “I am a Certified Bicycle Mechanic because I meet the criteria which I have defined and therefore can say that I am a Certified Bicycle Mechanic.”

​Second-party certification, which is when a company or training provider creates its own verification program for candidate certification. “I am a Certified Bicycle Mechanic because I meet the criteria defined by the single organization that provided my training.”

Third-party certification verifies that a product, process or service meets defined, industry-independent criteria or standards as reviewed by an impartial party. “I am a Certified Bicycle mechanic because I meet the criteria defined by the impartial association that maintains the industry’s standard.”


Founding members joined the PBMA during the first year of membership with a generous pledge which included a lifetime membership.  Founding members are visionary leaders in our field and believe in the core values of the PBMA – promote, advocate and develop professional bicycle mechanics.  Founding members are invited to join leadership and directional discussions and may include past, current and future board members as well as industry advocates who believe in the possibilities of an amazing future.  If you are interested in joining as a founding member please contact us by clicking here.

The Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association would like to thank the following individuals for believing in us early on and strengthening our vision by becoming a founding member. 

  • James Stanfill​ –
  • Brent Williams – Quest CycleTech
  • Park Tool Companye
  • Kenny Kallista – Appalachian Bicycle Institute
  • Shaun Bergen – Two Wheel Theory Ltd.
  • United Bicycle Institute
  • Ric Hjertberg – Wheel Fanatyk

All membership levels of the PBMA contribute to the development of important industry programs that support the Promotion, Advocacy and Development of the Professional Bicycle Mechanic


Individual Members receive full access to the PBMA Forum in addition to voting rights, discounts on training, and select exclusive Members-only offers.


Shop Members are featured in and receive access to the PBMA’s official directory listing, in addition to receiving discounted Individual Membership rates for their employees. 


Corporate Members receive complete access to the results of PBMA Surveys, in addition to promotional opportunities including logo placement on select PBMA materials and communications.


For more information visit

PBMA Launches Certified Shop Program

The PBMA announced today that it has launched a Certified Shop program, based on its own Mechanics’ Certification and focusing on a shop’s service credentials.

A PBMA Certified Shop is a shop employing Certified Professional Bicycle Mechanics and is a genuine resource within its community. Certified Shops will gain insurance discounts, streamlined distributor access, and two mechanic memberships per location.

“The idea of the program is to highlight shops that are focused on service and provide qualified service to consumers. By certifying their mechanical staff and recognizing the shop as a leader in service, we can highlight the businesses as well as the technicians in our Directory,” said PBMA President James Stanfill.

The PBMA Certified Shop program is not exclusive to traditional bicycle shops; the program recognizes all legitimate bicycle businesses, including mobile, service-only, and brick-and-mortar shops.

“In January, we had a great discussion with a handful of independent mobile owners and came to the conclusion that there are challenges for legitimacy within our industry for businesses that aren’t built in the traditional sense.”

In discussion with owners of traditional shops, mobile shops, and service-only enterprises, we thought the best way forward in our changing industry would be to continue to look specifically at service and what service can provide for the shop and the community,” Stanfill said.

Shops interested in joining the PBMA and applying to be certified may visit:

The application process gathers data to verify that the shop is operating legally per their local laws and in a professional manner. PBMA Mechanics’ Certification is presently open and free for members of the Association, with additional in-person certification set to launch at Interbike Marketweek later this year.

Comments from around the industry:

Jim Kersten said, “CABDA fully supports this latest development from the PBMA. It is high time our industry came together to focus on service, and PBMA is the only organization in our industry that can do it. Creating an organization that serves the interests of mobile operators, service-only folks, as well as traditional IBDs is hugely important to the future viability of our profession. Going forward, we will be curtailing our membership component in order to more fully support the PBMA’s Shop Certification program”

“As an owner/operator of an independent mobile bicycle service I applaud the efforts of the PBMA in creating standards and certifications for bicycle mechanics. Operating as a PBMA Certified Shop will only add to the confidence my clients have in me as a mechanic. The certification process will also help ensure that the industry standards needed to assemble modern bicycles are highlighted and adhered to. This in turn will build confidence within the bike industry of service driven shops”, said David Ricker of Pedalin’ Fools Mobile Bicycle Services

Michael Gavagan, owner of Gav the Mechanic, a service-only shop in Boulder, Colorado said, “Having Certified Mechanic and Certified Shops will provide the accountability that consumers are looking for when seeking out a shop that can provide that higher level of professionalism.”


The Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association is a 501c(6) non-profit whose mission is to Promote, Develop and Advocate for the Professional Bicycle Mechanic.

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