- - Prototype Ekoi Pedals Spotted in the Pro Peloton

Prototype Ekoi Pedals Spotted in the Pro Peloton

Prototype pedals from Ekoi with what appear to be huge platforms, have been spotted in the pro peloton, which according to the brand’s CEO Jean-Christophe Rattel are currently being field-tested by the Nice Métropole Côte d’Azur team.

First reported by the French website, the pedals have been dubbed the PW8, referring to both their 8mm stack height and the ability to save a claimed 8 watts.

In the report, Rattel indicates the pedals require a new shoe design, suggesting proprietary cleats of a yet-to-be-disclosed configuration are required.

“Two years ago, the inventor came to see me and we bought the patent. He is still with us working on the project. The latter is complex because you need to make a specific shoe for this pedal. It is very close to the axis and improves traction,” Rattel told

While details are still scant on the new Ekoi PW8, suffice to say, that a saving of 8 watts is a bold claim, especially when one considers how even lesser incremental gains are achieved with more significant components such as frames and wheels.

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