- - Proviz Expands Its Range of Reflective Cycling Apparel

Proviz Expands Its Range of Reflective Cycling Apparel

Proviz has expanded its range of cycling apparel to include a new classic vest, a hi-visibility backpack cover, a new compact touring backpack and updated color options for its Nightrider 2.0 Jacket.

The new vest in available in both a men’s and a women’s version, which features Proviz’s Reflect360 trim on the pockets, chest and shoulders, along with a blend of four-way stretch fabrics and waterproof material to add excellent flexibility and waterproofing.

Launched earlier this year, Proviz says its Reflect360 Touring Backpack is “one of our most versatile products”, which is capable of providing up to almost a cubic foot of carrying capacity, complete with two outside and two inside pockets, along with a waterproof rain cover.

The Nightrider 2.0 Cycling Jacket has been given an updated orange color scheme, along with a microfleece-lined collar, quick-dry mesh lining, waterproof side pockets and a combination of Reflect360 retro-reflective and fluorescent material for excellent visibility.

Additionally, the Nightrider Jacket has an inner lining that’s manufactured from Repreve, a process that embeds properties like wicking, adaptive warming, cooling and water repellency.

The inclusion of Repreve is part of Proviz’s environmental commitment and encourage its customers to recycle products that have come to the end of their life by returning it to them to recycle in return for a 20% discount code.

The Classic Waterproof Backpack Cover is new to Proviz’s range of products, which features upwards of 1.5 cubic feet of storage, extensive reflective patterning for nighttime reflectivity, elastic binding around the edges to ensure it clings effectively to the underside of the backpack and adjustable straps for a secure fit.

“As market leaders of reflective clothing, we’re excited to widen the range of existing products and fill gaps in the market for both cyclists and walkers. The Nightrider and CRS+ jackets are signature products, and responding to feedback from customers looking for different colours is something we pride ourselves on,” says Proviz’s co-founder Anthony Langly-Smith.

The Classic Cycling Gilet is available for £59.99, the Waterproof Backpack Cover for £19.99 and the Nightrider 2.0 for £79.99, which can be purchased directly from Proviz here.   


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