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Purely Custom X/Y Bike Fit Tool


To the delight of professional bike fitters (and DIY’ers), Purely Custom offers a tool called the X/Y, which helps take the guess work out of adjusting the correct fore and aft of one’s saddle, as well as calculating proper stem length too.

The X/Y tool makes use of metal slides, which feature etched measurements and built-in bubble levels, to accurately dial in a rider’s correct saddle position in the overall scheme of bike fit. In addition, the tool can also help determine what length stem a rider should use, along with  proper “stack” and “reach”.

The X/Y sells for $295, and it can be purchased directly through Pure Custom.


The X/Y Tool
The Purely Custom X/Y Tool works great to document and transfer a rider’s position on a bike. The X/Y Tool makes it simple to document saddle and handlebar position relative to the bottom bracket. With this information you can easily put a rider into the proper position if their seat or handlebars get moved. It also makes setting up another bike to fit exactly like the one the person is presently riding a breeze.Features:

  • Quickly measure X/Y coordinates to center of saddle rails and center of handlebars in relation to the bottom bracket.
  • CNC Machined grooves in back for easier adjustments.
  • Dual bubble levels for increased precision.
  • Graduations added to measure distance from bottom bracket to saddle nose.
  • 3 bottom bracket adapters included.
  • Adapters for 26.0 mm handlebars and stack/reach measurements attached.


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