- - QUOC Unveils New Mono II Cycling Shoes

QUOC Unveils New Mono II Cycling Shoes

QUOC has unveiled its latest flagship road shoe called the Mono II, touting a simple, super lightweight, minimalist design that’s aimed at the consummate roadie.

The Mono II features a two-piece upper comprised of multi-perforated, microfiber synthetic leather that’s designed to envelop the foot, along with QUOC’s own BOA style retention system, while power transfer comes courtesy of a thin, uni-directional carbon fiber sole with a small mesh panel that’s molded into the toe-box for optimal ventilation.

Other features that highlight the Mono II include QUOC’s arched, perforated insoles and rubber heel and toe bumpers.

Interestingly, the front bumper is bonded to the sole, while the rear is fitted with a cross-head screw that’s accessed from inside the shoe should replacement become necessary.

The Mono II sells for $341.00, which is available in sizes ranging from 38 to 47, in black or white.




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