- - Raleigh Reprises Iconic Chopper

Raleigh Reprises Iconic Chopper

For those wishing to channel their inner childhood, Raleigh has reprised its iconic Chopper, complete with the famous sprung banana seat, “sissy bar” and top tube gear shifter

Indeed, the Nottinghamshire, UK-based brand is relaunching the nostalgic bike in a choice of the two original colors, Ultraviolet and Infrared, and a price tag of £950.

The launch comes less than a year after the business put out a new limited edition version of its classic 80s BMX the Tuff Burner. With good quality original MK2 Choppers highly sort after thanks to their high nostalgia factor, Raleigh said that after four years of research and product development, the new version will go on sale soon

Bringing the bike into 2023 has required a few tweaks to bring it up to modern health and safety regs, but the new Chopper is as close to the original as possible.

Raleigh has enjoyed success from heritage remakes in recent years, thanks to its attention to detail – and this project was no different. Its team carried out 3D modeling of original MK2 bikes to produce computer-aided designs for the new frame. Hours were spent agonizing over the details that make this new bike special, the decals, the CNC head tube, the long saddle, handlebars and stem as well as the UK-made 3-speed shifter unit.

The new bikes have been designed by a team at Raleigh’s HQ in Eastwood and manufactured in the Far East.

Raleigh managing director Lee Kidger said: “The Raleigh Chopper is the most iconic bike Raleigh has ever made, arguably the most iconic bike in British history.

“Selling millions of units worldwide during the 70s, the Chopper cemented its place in British culture and to this day evokes a feeling of nostalgia for the era. This new model is as close as we could get to the original Mk2 released in 1972, while still meeting today’s required standards. The Chopper is still seen by the Raleigh team as the jewel in the brand’s crown. A legacy to be admired, protected, and never forgotten. We started looking at this in 2018, the pandemic definitely slowed it down. We sold millions in the 1970s. Iconic is a term that’s bandied around quite a lot but I think it can be used well for this bike. Everybody has a story about it. It epitomized joy, fun and a sense of freedom. Ultimately we want to bring that back for people in the 21st century,” boasts Raleigh

“This is very much for our brand fans who had it in the 70s but we believe what will happen is the younger customers will see how impactful this bike is to everybody that buys one. We want people to see it, ride it and start to enjoy it. There are a lot of retro revivals happening from the 70s and 80s. We know it stands the test of time,” adds Raleigh.

The bike will be available on Raleigh’s website starting June 20.


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