- - Rapha Festive 500 Continues for 2020

Rapha Festive 500 Continues for 2020

Since 2010, Rapha has laid down a festive riding challenge: to ride 500 kilometers between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. The #Festive500 started in the South of England, but in the ten years since it has grown to become a global challenge. Together, participants have covered over 130 million kilometers and the challenge has become a rite of passage for cyclists around the world. In 2020, the challenge enters its eleventh year, with more ways than ever to go the distance during the festive period.

This year has been tough for all of us and Rapha hopes that with various restrictions around the world, riding a bike, for one, can bring the mental and physical relief we all need so much to keep our festive spirits up.

For many of us, motivating ourselves during the colder months can be more of a challenge than the ride itself. For the first time, in partnership with Zwift, Rapha is taking the fight for form and fitness online. Zwift’s online community has grown stronger than ever and Rapha hopes that by allowing virtual kilometers contribute to the overall distance, riders from around the world can support each other in the lack of group riding and socializing outside. Rapha and Zwift are also offering a series of group training rides to keep you riding in preparation for the Festive 500.


To join the thousands of riders aiming to go the distance, simply sign in to your Strava account and join the challenge there. Log your rides here when the challenge begins, watch the kilometers mount up, and collect the coveted finisher’s roundel upon completion of the challenge.


With eight-days of riding and 500km ahead of you, there’s every chance you’ll encounter the unexpected. Whether you’ve gone off-road or jumped on your tricycle, share your adventures with us, and enter our annual awards. To be sure you’re eligible to enter, read our terms and conditions on the Festive 500 page.


Designed to help you go the distance no matter where you’re riding the challenge, the Festive 500 collection includes everything from a lightweight snood to an Ass Saver. This year, the design is inspired by weather radars, a nod to the myriad weather conditions you’ll ride through between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The collection comprises of :

Technical T-Shirts (men’s and women’s), Indoor Training Tanks (men’s and women’s), Cap, Beanie, Snood, Socks, Ass Saver, Bidon, and a Musette.

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