- - Rapha Launches New "Crit" Collection of Apparel

Rapha Launches New “Crit” Collection of Apparel

Rapha has launched a new Crit collection of cycling apparel aimed at cycling’s underworld of criterium racing.

The new collection comprises a one-piece skinsuit that Rapha calls an Aerosuit, along with a Crit Pro Team jersey, Crit Flyweight Jersey, Crit Pro Team Bib Shorts and a Women’s Crit Flyweight Jersey.

Above and beyond the unique styling of the Crit collection, which according to Rapha takes its inspiration from oil slicks to create a groovy iridescent appearance, the jerseys also feature an interesting layer of transparent mesh over the top of the rear pockets, allowing cyclists to display their race numbers, as opposed to the old-school method of pinning them.

You can learn more about Rapha’s Crit collection by visiting their website here.

“Criterium racing is a discipline apart. More intense, more fiery and less formal than road racing, it suits punchier riders who race with flair as well as form. The Crit collection is the kit to match, made for railing corners and turning heads!” says Rapha.



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