- - Rapha Launches New Explore Collection

Rapha Launches New Explore Collection

More and more cyclists are leaving the tarmac for the terrain less explored. Whether it’s called adventure cycling, road plus or gravel grinding, brands like Rapha have been keen to embrace this ever-rising style of riding by offering apparel specifically designed to conquer the elements.

Such is the case with the British brand’s latest Explore collection, which features a range of new Cargo Winter Tights, Cargo Bibshorts and Technical T-shirts aimed at shielding cyclists from even the harshest of riding conditions.

As the term “cargo” implies, the Winter Tights now include additional cargo pockets located on each thigh, which feature both a zipper enclosure and water resistance. Moreover, reflective panels have been added to the calf and buttocks areas as well, providing added safety in low-light riding conditions. 

Warmth is provided courtesy of fleece-backed fabric and water repellent material, as well as a perforated chamois pad that Rapha claims helps keep it drier.

In the event riders find themselves in warmer climates, Rapha has also included a four-pocket bibshort that comprises the company’s water resistant Shadow fabric.

The Explore Technical T-shirt is constructed from the same antimicrobial coated fabric as Rapha’s Flyweight jersey, albeit with a more loose, casual fit.

Safety was kept in mind with the T-shirt as well, wherein reflective stripes have been applied across the chest for improved visibility.

You can learn more about the new Explore collection by visiting Rapha’s website here.



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