- - Rapha Offers New Indoor Cycling Specific Apparel

Rapha Offers New Indoor Cycling Specific Apparel

It used to be, when the mercury started to plummet only the most die-hard cyclists would take to the indoors in order to maintain their strict cycling regiment.

However, the growing popularity of indoor training and virtual racing has prompted Rapha to created a new collection of apparel and accessories aimed specifically at this segment.

The collection consists of a sleeveless shirt ($75), Rapha’s CORE Cargo short ($130), an indoor mesh training cap ($40) and a stylish towel ($15) that loops in place over the shifter hoods.   

The new collection provides a fresh alternative to makeshift cycling attire that typical consists of worn-out bibshorts and repurposed t-shirts in favor of stylish garments designed to enhance comfort and performance during strenuous indoor riding.

The pieces are available now at

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