- - Rapha Launches New Trade Team Range of Jerseys

Rapha Launches New Trade Team Range of Jerseys


Rapha has launched a new range of “Trade Team” jerseys, that are reminiscent of the 1960’s, 70’s  & 80’s era of cycling, with homage to such notable teams of the day as Renault, La Vie Claire and ANC.

In addition, all three jerseys are accompanied by matching caps, to truly tie in the retro look.



The 1980s was a period of real change in the professional peloton. It entered the decade in woollen jerseys, on steel frames and using leather toe straps, but came out the other side dressed in flamboyant polyester, riding carbon fibre and clipped into ‘clipless’ pedals. Yet it wasn’t just engineering or man-made fibres that modernised road racing. TV companies and acquisitive corporate sponsors both played a part in globalising a sport that hadn’t changed much since the 1930s, and which, even by the Eighties, had barely stepped outside Europe.



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