- - Rapha Unveils New Pro Team Collection for 2016

Rapha Unveils New Pro Team Collection for 2016


This season’s Rapha Pro Team collection is the fastest racewear in the world. Developed in the wind tunnel, and worn by Team Sky, wiggins and canyon//sram, it is now available to you. Proven to be quicker than anything else in the peloton, Rapha’s Pro Team Aerosuit has been raced to victory at Grand Tours, including a glorious debut by Elia Viviani at the Giro d’Italia. The aerodynamic learnings of that Aerosuit have been applied to the Aero Jersey and Aero Bib Shorts, delivering you the same advantages as the pros.

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Streamlined racing jersey fit for the pros

The Pro Team Aero Jersey is the fastest jersey Rapha has ever made. Redesigned for 2016, this garment was developed using wind-tunnel sessions with professional riders from Team Sky and then ridden by them – often to victory – at the world’s greatest races. As durable and functional as it is fast, the jersey distills the insight gained in testing and pro competition to create a supremely aerodynamic product. The suit’s front and back fabric is smooth and dense to help improve airflow, while new longer sleeves made of a textured fabric create ‘turbulent flow’. This breaks up the air where the arms encounter wind resistance, thus enabling more efficient motion. Offset seam-positioning and a minimal number of pattern pieces reduce drag further, as does a close fit. A performance-engineered jersey for uncompromising riders.

NB: The sleeves of the Pro Team Aero Jersey are tighter than previous versions of the jersey due to the reduced stretch of the aerodynamic fabric.


Aerodynamic, lightweight bibs

Rapha’s first aerodynamic bib shorts offer elite performance without sacrificing comfort. They are ideal in any fast-riding or racing situation, yet durable and comfortable enough to be worn on longer outings. The high-stretch fabric is smooth to the touch, and the hem is ‘raw-cut’, with a direct-silicon gripper – this means the shorts sit entirely flush on your thighs, staying in position to reduce drag and potential chafing. The leg is also cut long on the thigh – approximately 5 cm longer than Pro Team Bib Shorts – while the panels of the shorts feature overlocked stitching for great flexibility and a very snug fit. Support is provided by soft, elastic-tape bib straps, which are wide enough to distribute weight comfortably. The low profile of the straps has been designed to complement the close-fitting Pro Team Aero Jersey perfectly. By using the same chamois pad as the Pro Team Bib Shorts, comfort in the saddle is guaranteed, while black-gloss Rapha logos printed on each leg provide an understated finish.


Cut through the wind and hit new speeds

Engineered for optimal aerodynamic performance, the latest Pro Team Aerosuit is the quickest, most functional race garment available. Featuring significant developments from its original incarnation, this new version of the Aerosuit has been extensively wind-tunnel tested by pro cyclists from Team Sky, then raced at the highest level – Team Sky’s Elia Viviani debuted it to a stunning victory on the first road stage of the 2015 Giro d’Italia. The Aerosuit’s drag has been minimised through offset seam-positioning, a minimal number of pattern pieces, and a close-fit. Longer sleeves made of a textured fabric break up the airflow where the arms encounter wind resistance, in turn enabling more efficient motion. The suit’s front and back fabric is smooth and dense, helping to improve airflow while retaining a close fit. A new collar offers a more flattering neckline than traditionally deep-cut skinsuits, while the luxury chamois pad ensures that you stay comfortable even when riding full gas. If you prefer your suit short-sleeved, the sleeves also feature a seam just above the elbow strip for easy cutting. This is pro-grade racewear, for everyone.



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