- - Rapha Welcomes Back Prestige Series for 2021

Rapha Welcomes Back Prestige Series for 2021

A new year brings hope of new adventures. While 2021 may still be an uphill challenge, Rapha remains positive about being able to enjoy shared experiences with its global community out on the bike. To help cyclists reconnect with their companions, the British apparel brand is excited to welcome back the iconic Rapha Prestige series.

“This unique team event takes riders on and off-road for the ultimate riding experience, creating unforgettable memories, cementing long-lasting friendships, and delivering a uniquely enjoyable ride along the way,” says Rapha.

Now in its fourteenth year, Rapha Prestige, as it is known today, is a series of rides set in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. Each ride challenges small amateur teams to take on an unsupported and unmarshalled adventure across stunning terrain, with past routes following the roads and trails of Johor, Malaysia, crystal clear lakes in Arkansas, USA, and rolling hills of the Peak District, UK – more often than not ending in a well earned round of post-ride beers. The rules are simple: start and finish as a team, and pass through all the checkpoints.

At present, 12 Rapha Prestige rides are scheduled across five continents throughout the year. The first, Rapha Prestige Sanjo in Niigata, Japan, is scheduled for May, when we’re hoping social restrictions will have eased. The schedule is subject to change, depending on local/regional conditions. That event will feature expansive views, famous landmarks, winding paths and mountainous lines await those looking for a long-distance challenge with plenty of camaraderie.

Further information on each event location and how to enter can be found on the Prestige hub: prestig



  • Rapha Prestige Sanjo, Niigata , Japan
  • Prestige Taichung, Taichung, Taiwan


  • Lithgow Winter Solstice Prestige, Lithgow, Australia
  • Prestige Denmark, Tisvilde, Denmark
  • Prestige Wonju, Wonju, Kangwon Province, South Korea


• Prestige Yorkshire, Yorkshire Dales, UK


  • Prestige Charleroi, Charleroi, Belgium
  • Prestige Black Forest, Black Forest, Germany
  • Prestige Mount Riga, Columbia County, USA


  • Women Prestige Taipei, Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Prestige Santa Barbara, California, USA


• Prestige Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain

*each event is subject to change based on local COVID-19 guidance and restrictions . Visit prestige for the most up-to-date information


Each Prestige is completely unsupported, but you will have your teammates for company and support.

  • Apart from those who have dropped out, the entire team must always ride together
  • All members of the team must be present at the checkpoint to receive a stamp
  • Each member must carry sufficient equipment to handle basic repair situations, such as two spare tubes, a portable bike pump and multi-tool etc.
  • You must ride the route provided by the organizers by following the course on GPS devices. 

  • You should upload at least ten or more images on Instagram leading up to the event day, capturing the days preparing for the Prestige.
  • Food will not be provided. Please provide your own nutrition.
  • MotionX-GPS (GPS App) must be downloaded by one member within the team (download from URL below) and it must be kept activated throughout the event.
  • Bring an extra smartphone battery (with enough power to recharge two times).

*As a safety precaution, the Rapha support team will regularly verify the location of every participating team via smartphone GPS app. In the event of an emergency, they will drive to the scene to ensure safety and provide assistance.


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