- - "Relive" Connects with Strava to Give Satellite Image of Your Ride

“Relive” Connects with Strava to Give Satellite Image of Your Ride


Relive is a new third-party app that connects with Strava, that uses GPS data and satellite imaging to retrace a rider’s route, providing a bird’s-eye view of the ride.

In addition to tracing your route, Relive can also provide ride metrics such as maximum speed and elevation, as well as the locations of any geo-tagged photos that you shot while riding. Moreover, since Relive maps said data from your Strava account, it can also summarize your ride using the total distance traveled, moving time, elevation gain, average speed and average heart rate.

To use the free Relive plugin, one simply has to sign up and connect it to his or her premium Strava account.


Following a ride, the Relive app will send a computer-generated view of your ride to the email address associated with your Strava account.

more from the developers of Relive…

Relive is fresh. Super fresh. A couple of months ago our first video became reality. Right now, the Relive buzz is going around within the cycling community. More people than we could have imagined are starting to Relive their rides.

It started after a long day of cycling through the stunning scenery of Tenerife with a group of friends. This legendary ride deserved to be relived and shared with others. We did feel like pro’s, after all. “There must be an app for that!” – Nope.

Fueled by excitement that same holiday we started working on a first prototype during the evening hours, after riding during the day. Now, several months later, it’s ready for you to use. This is how Relive started and how you ended up here, actually reading this. Thanks for that!

What’s next? Currently we’re working on improving the product, awesome new features and some possible exciting collaborations. We believe every ride is an adventure, and every adventure deserves to be shared. We can’t wait to bring you more 🙂

Relive has been founded by three good friends who met during their studies at Delft University of Technology, ten years ago. The mad cocktail of Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design Engineering made Relive what it is today.

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