- - REPENTE Launches New Affordable PRIME and SYPD Saddles

REPENTE Launches New Affordable PRIME and SYPD Saddles

No one can say REPENTE has been sitting on their culos, as the new Italian brand continues to launch exciting and innovative saddles on what seems like a monthly basis.

The latest saddles (in this case tops) to join REPENTE’s ever-growing range are the new affordable PRIME and SPYD, which feature a thin layer of polyurethane foam padding that sits atop a new reinforced nylon base and shell. 

The PRIME features a full cutout design, which according to REPENTE, tips the scales at a respectable 165g when combined with their carbon reinforced rails. 

“The PRIME’s main characteristic is its anatomical opening to help ease pressure on the perineal/prostate area. PRIME offers the optimum mix of rigidity, particularly appreciated by competitive cyclists, and comfort, requested by those who prefer longer rides. With its streamlined, minimal design and 165 grams in weight, it is a top class product in its market segment. It accompanies the pedaling movement by supporting the lateral shift with the right degree of torsion, typical of “open” design saddles”, says REPENTE.

The PRIME sells for €78 for the shell alone (approximately $90).

The new SPYPD features a similar structure and padding to the PRIME. However, the saddle eliminates the cutout in favor of an anatomic channel that runs along the full length of the saddle.

At €68 (approximately $80), the SPYD is REPENTE’s least expensive saddle top.

“The more uniform the contact area over the whole surface of the seat, thegreater the cyclist’s comfort. This precondition forms the basis for the construction concept used for SPYD, the seat that combines relief given by the central anatomical channel with a design modelled to suit the structure of the ischial district. Sturdy and comfortable, Spyd will allow you to find your optimum positionin the seat in a highly natural way. It weighs in at just 170 grams” says REPENTE.

Both the PRIME and the SPYD are available in either a white or black microfiber top, which can be added to REPENTE’s current interlocking saddle system, or they can be purchased as complete saddles for €196 and €186 respectively.

You can learn more about the new saddle tops by visiting REPENTE’s website here.

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