- - Retül Updates Its Bike Fit System with Digitized Tools

Retül Updates Its Bike Fit System with Digitized Tools

Retül has updated its bike fit system with a new digital, markerless body measurement system that’s claimed to be more accurate and repeatable than other measurement methods. Moreover, the data is now stored in the cloud, allowing clients to access and review their fit profile in the future.

Also, unlike Retül’s previous system, which was Windows-based, the new Retül Premium Fit uses Apple iPad Pros. 

“Our fits still begin with an assessment of preferences, and riding history. But now the anatomical dimensions and mobility and flexibility assessments are done by placing the rider in front of lidar scanners. As the rider stands, does a squat, a toe touch and other movements, the iPad = shows and records the rider’s angles and lengths and produces a flexibility score. Once on the bike, a new Sacral Angle Sensor attached to the lower back provides detailed measurements of the rider’s back angle. Foot shape and insole height also are captured digitally, as is sit-bone width in the riding position,” explains Retül.

The updated system now produces a digitized range of parameters customized for each rider, plus the ability to analyze the flexibility of the  client’s hips, back, hamstrings and feet prior to getting on the bike.

Additionally, Retül still utilizes physical markers and motion capture to analyze the client’s pedaling mechanics and body angles from the front and side.

“The new measurement system standardizes measurements and establishes some guardrails for the resulting bike position for different applications. This helps keep Retül fits performed around the world within a certain repeatable range, while still allowing expert fitters the ability to fine-tune the fit in a way only a human can do,” says Retül Co-founder Todd Carver.

As mentioned, the system now takes more advantage of the cloud, storing fit data that can be reference by the client or other fitters, along with access to more than a decade’s worth of comparative fit statistics compiled by Retül.

Retül says it also plans to add an on-bike center of mass measurement, which will allow the fit system to take into account a position’s effect on the bike handling and performance. 

Retül fit sessions last two-and-a-half to three hours. Fitters set the price, which generally starts around $400 but can be tailored to the market and services offered.

To perform the new Premium Fit, fitters must have gone through the Retül Level 2 training courses and have the new hardware and software.



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