- - RGT Cycling Launches New Indoor Training App That's Free

RGT Cycling Launches New Indoor Training App That’s Free

RGT Cycling has launched a new indoor training app that’s free, offering users a host of features including Structured Workouts, e-Racing, Training Plans, and Magic Roads.

Building on a commitment to make indoor cycling a sport for everyone, the launch also extends trainer support, has an iPad version and Freemium and Premium Subscriptions.

During the past four years, RGT Cycling has been developed with the feedback and help of cyclists and the wider cycling industry. A comprehensive set of Training Plans and structured workouts provide athletes with the ideal environment to get “fitter, faster and stronger”. The Training Plans have been created by coaches associated with success in professional sports.

“All the gaming, coding and cycling I’ve done growing up added up to a “Holy shit!” moment when I got my first trainer,” said Alex Serban, RGT Cycling founder and CEO. “I realised the huge potential of indoor training and decided it could be done much better. Technology can definitely help us be fitter and give us new ways to enjoy cycling. Everyone should have access to that!”

There are eight real roads for users to explore – all are iconic cycling routes from around the world. The Magic Roads feature gives users “real freedom and makes it possible to ride any road in the world, virtually”. The Magic Roads feature converts a GPX file into a virtual course, with the gradient changes and the twists and turns of the route.

Events are also set to be an exciting part of RGT Cycling. All users, including those with a Freemium Subscription, can take part in official RGT Cycling events, join public group rides and even join a private event organised by friends or coaches. Premium users have the option to organise their own races and group rides and host them on RGT’s real roads and Magic Roads.

Sticking to their transformational subscription packages, RGT Cycling will offer a free version of the platform. Real Training, Real Organisation, and the Magic Roads feature are reserved for Premium Subscribers.

Both RGT Freemium and Premium Subscriptions are available worldwide. Freemium is free and the Premium Subscription prices are set at $14.99 for the USA, €14.99 for Europe and £12.99 for the UK.



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