- - Richie Porte Receives Time Penalty and Fine for Accepting Help at the Giro d’Italia

Richie Porte Receives Time Penalty and Fine for Accepting Help at the Giro d’Italia

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So much for good sportsmanship and lending a helping hand, at least that’s what the UCI’s sentiment toward Richie Porte is, after he accepted assistance from Orica GreenEdge’s Simon Clarke, who helped the Sky rider with a wheel change during today’s stage of the Giro d’Italia.

Indeed, the UCI decided to enforce its rules and regulations with regard to a rider receiving help from a rival team during competition, by slapping Porte with both a time penalty, as well as a fine today. To wit:

“non-regulation assistance to a rider from another team” with a two-minute penalty and a fine of 200 Swiss Francs for a first offence, while a rider risks outright disqualification in the event of a fourth such infraction during the same stage race.a rival team.

As a result, Porte received a time penalty of two minutes, along with as fine of 200 Swiss Francs for receiving help from Clarke, when he experienced a puncture during final 10 kilometers of the stage.

“Clearly there was little to be done, rules are rules, and I think rules have to be respected for the credibility of this sport and, in this case, the credibility of the Giro d’Italia,” race director Mauro Vegni told reporters outside the press center in Forlì today. 

Vegni also indicated, that Porte and Team Sky had no possibility to appeal the decision.

“These are race matters and they are judged by the commissaires and their decision is final,” he said.

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