- - Ridley's Latest Dean Fast Disc Time Trial Bike Breaks Cover

Ridley’s Latest Dean Fast Disc Time Trial Bike Breaks Cover

Ridley unveiled the latest generation of its Dean Fast time trial bike, which broke cover during last weekend’s World Championships in Glasgow under the auspices of Lotto-Dstny riders Victor Campenaerts and Thomas De Gendt.

According to Ridley, the newest Dean Fast Disc was developed from the ground up, relying heavily on CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis and wind tunnel testing with the goal of achieving the best aerodynamic signature possible based on the UCI’s new 8:1 regulations.

“We embarked on the development of our new time trial bike, the Dean Fast Disc, with the ambitious goal of setting a new benchmark for aero TT bikes. Our objective was clear: reduce drag and increase speed, pushing the boundaries of what is permissible under UCI regulations. To achieve this, we turned to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Using CFD simulations, we were able to identify new designs that would minimize drag at speeds around 55 km/h. Afterward, the results were validated in the wind tunnel at Bike Valley. The Dean Fast Disc pushes the limits of the latest UCI regulations including the 8:1 rule for tube dimensions and the use of compensation triangles,” boasts Ridley. 

Focussing on the bike’s frontal area, Ridley says the Dean Fast Disc’s new smaller, hour-glass shaped headtube combined with a revised, integrated stem sees a significant increase in airflow, while the Belgian brand’s F-Surface Plus technology further minimizes turbulence and reduces drag. 

Elsewhere, the Dean Fast gets Ridley’s removable UDH (universal derailleur hanger) front derailleur mount, making way for 1x set-ups, along with provisions to accommodate a 53-40T crankset, or a 47-60T configuration, while things spin on a PF30 bottom bracket.

Clearance is also up, with enough room to quarter tires up to 32mm.

All in, Ridley says the Dean Fast Disc frame tips the scale at 1250 grams, while the fork weighs in at 450 grams.

Available in three sizes, small, medium and large, the Dean Fast Disc sells as a frameset only, with pricing starting at €4,999.00.




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