- - ROTOR Adds Dual-Sided Power to 2INPOWERDM ROAD Power Meter

ROTOR Adds Dual-Sided Power to 2INPOWERDM ROAD Power Meter

ROTOR has just added dual-sided power capabilities to its 2INpowerDM ROAD power meter, which also incorporates the Spanish brand’s newly developed direct mount chainrings.

In addition to saving weight, in this case 60g, ROTOR says its Optimal Chainring Position (OCP) Mount technology allows the oval Q-Rings to be rotated on the mounting splines, providing cyclists with the ability to fine tune their position for maximum power and pedaling efficiency.

In addition, the 2INpowerDM ROAD power meter is compatible with ROTOR’s smartphone app, which is capable of providing real-time data feedback so cyclists can analyze their pedal stroke equilibrium, cadence and efficiency, as well as the distribution of force throughout their pedal rotation.

According to ROTOR the new dual-sided 2INpowerDM ROAD power meter retails for €1,299, with pricing for the USA to be announced. 

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