- - ROTOR Debuts New ALDHU Carbon Crankset

ROTOR Debuts New ALDHU Carbon Crankset

ROTOR has lifted the curtains on its latest ALDHU Carbon crankset, which exploits the gravity-defying properties of the magical cloth we call carbon fiber to tip the scales at a feathery 523.5 grams.

According to the Spanish brand, the ALDHU Carbon can be configured around different types of spiders, chainrings and axles to optimize the rider’s fit and performance goals, offering four specific categories: Standard, Superlight, Aero and Full Aero with 1x and 2x configurations available in all but the Standard.

Additionally, ALDHU Carbon’s crankarms were designed in conjunction with ROTOR’s 30 mm axles. This patented interface between the crankarms and the axle not only simplifies assembly, but also reduces power loss by balancing out axle torsion under load via the company’s Twin Leg Technology.

The ALDHU Carbon also allows the rider to adjust the orientation of Rotor’s Q RINGS oval chainrings by degrees relative to the crank. 

OCP Mount is based on the combination of three independent elements: axle, right crank arm and spider with oval chainring (or in the absence of a spider, a direct mount Q RINGS). The patented crank interface for a DM Q RINGS allows for the most precise adjustment of an oval chainring to date.

Lastly, the modular nature of the ALDHU Carbon offers riders the option of upgrading their existing ALDHU or VEGAST crankset with the new carbon crankarms. Moreover, riders can also add power measurement with the addition of ROTOR’s INspider power meter.

ALDHU Carbon crankset is available with 165, 170, 172.5 and 175mm crankarms, which sells for $724. Customers can also purchase just the crankarms for $449.

For those wanting power meter capabilities, the INspider power meter can be added for a total cost of $1249.

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