- - ROTOR's 13-Speed Groupset Officially Launches

ROTOR’s 13-Speed Groupset Officially Launches

ROTOR lifted the curtains on its new 13-speed groupset a few weeks ago, allowing quite a few of us in the industry to preview it.

As of this week however, the Spanish brand officially launched the new groupset, offering the cycling masses in-depth details on pricing and availability.

Skipping past all of the extraneous, voluminous details, ROTOR is offering its new 1X13 groupset in four different variations, the Ultimate Performance, Super Light, Adventure, and Compatible, which they call kits.

The first three kits differentiate themselves based on cranksets (including a powermeter option) and a choice between ROTOR”s new dedicated carbon or aluminum wheelset and hubs.

The Ultimate Performance Kit

Carrying a hefty price tag of $4900 (4500€), this kit includes all of ROTOR”s new 1×13 group, plus the company’s 2INpower direct-mount powermeter and chainring crankset, as well as their newly developed carbon wheels and dedicated Rvolver hubs

“For competitive riders who track their performance and that are looking for climbing capacity with a lighter, more aero, and reliable groupset than the traditional 2×11 set-up.  The perfect choice for those looking to enhance your cycling performance with the most sophisticated power meter in the market”, says ROTOR.

The Super Light Kit

At $3800 (3450€), the Super Light Kit receives everything the Ultimate Performance Kit gets, minus the 2INpower crankset in favor of ROTOR’s less costly ALDHU direct-mount crankset.

“For high performance riders who want a super light ride for sprints, attacks, mountain passes and high-speed descents with an optimized gear sequencing for demanding climbs. Disc brake designed high-performance carbon wheels a Super Light experience that will exceed all your expectations in lightness and maximum performance”, lauds ROTOR.

The Adventure Kit

The Adventure Kit brings the cost down further, by again relying on ROTOR’s cost efficient ALDHU direct-mount crankset, but sheds the pricier carbon wheels for a set of Rvolver-equipped aluminum hoops instead.

“For competitive cyclists who want a light and reliable hydraulic system with an optimized gear sequencing and wheels built for comfort and durability. 1×13 has been designed to strike the perfect balance between lightness, precision and durability with aluminum wheels to withstand the most demanding pedaling conditions”, explains ROTOR.

The Compatible Kit

As its name suggests, the $2200 (2000€) Compatible Kit allows existing 12-speed ROTOR drivetrain owners to upgrade to 13-speed, providing the necessary bits and pieces such as shifters, brakes, derailleurs and an ALDHU crankset.

Interestingly, the kit is designed to work with the owner’s current 12-speed ROTOR cassette and wheels, until such time as he or she decides to make the transition to a 13-speed cassette and compatible wheelset.

“For cyclists who want to upgrade their current transmission with a reliable hydraulic 1x system and the option to easily upgrade your hubs, wheels and cassette to 13s at a later stage. 1×12 is the entry point to the ROTOR 1×13 platform and our affordable 1×12 cassettes offer you a gear range similar to 2×11 with a lighter, more aero and reliable combination without changing chainrings at any time”, cites ROTOR.

You can learn more about ROTOR’s new 1×13 groupset, and all of the different cassettes and crankset offerings by visiting their website here.

ROTOR has even created a link on their website where eager customers can reserve a kit here

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