- - Round Up of Winter Cycling Caps

Round Up of Winter Cycling Caps


If you’re one of those die-hard roadies who doesn’t fret the cold weather, then having a warm cycling cap is a prerequisite for winter riding.

Here’s a round-up of a few good caps we recommend.

The Garneau Power Cap 2

This heavyweight cycling cap is made with polyester microfiber that is brushed on both sides to retain body heat and is treated to enhance moisture wicking. The use of microfiber and the flatlock seams offer an enhanced comfort. If it’s warm enough for those Canucks, it sure to keep the rest us warm too.

Castelli Difesa Cap

“Difesa” is the Italian word for defense, which is exactly what this cap offers. It’s made of the same fabric that we use on the Gabba to give you full wind protection, good rain protection and excellent breathability. This cap is so warm we had to make the back panel in Nano Flex to let off some of that extra heat. Flip-down earflaps allow the cap to cover a wide range of conditions.

Nalini Warm Winter Cycling Hat 

Nalini Warm Winter Cycling Hat is designed to fit like a second skin over your head to give you the protection you need to lock in your core body temperature. This will be your go-to hat when chilly winds are blowing. The outer layer blocks the chilly wind penetration. The soft fleecy breathable inner layer traps in heat while pushing moisture away for quick evaporation. The cap covers your ears for added protection against chilly winds.

ASSOS fuguHelm

fuguHelm is the new ASSOS “over-engineered” headinsulator winter hat for “Winter” and “winterPlus” riding conditions (according to our ALS temperature ranges). No need to wear anything else on your head, except your bike helmet. FuguHelm is so stylish and functional we also wear it off the bike.,19,31,39&prod=345

Rapha Deep Winter Hat

The Rapha Deep Winter Hat has been created for the coldest training rides. Featuring the classic style beloved of Belgian hardmen, the multi-panel construction offers both an exceptional fit and a highly effective combination of breathability, water resistance and windproofing. The front panel and peak are made from a durable, windproof and water-resistant fabric, while the back and side panels use a soft, breathable material to prevent overheating. The ribbed ear guard keeps ears cosy on even the coldest days, while an additional merino lining offers additional insulation. The hat also features loops on the side panels to hold the arms of your eyewear, a vital accessory in extreme conditions. Fits easily under your helmet presuming you have a spare notch in your adjustment strap.

Craft Winter Cap

Winter cap with windproof front, brushed fabric and ear protection.

  • Provides warmth and protection in cold and windy conditions
  • Soft, brushed fabric for optimal warmth
  • Shaped side cut for ear protection


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