- - "Same Same But Different ": A Story About Ultracycling and Life

“Same Same But Different “: A Story About Ultracycling and Life

Cynthia Carson, aka Watt Wagon, dove headfirst into the world of ultra-endurance racing in 2021 and created quite the reputation over the next few years. Some of her most notable accomplishments include first at Unbound XL 2022, first at Badlands 2023, first at Across Andes 2022, first at GranGuanche Audax Gravel 2023, and first at Memory bike 2023–and she’s just getting started.

Amid these incredibly challenging events, Cynthia navigated a significant breakup and left her decade-long home, but her bike and her love for cycling remained constant. Same Same But Different is a 36-minute film about ultra-cycling and life, documenting Cynthia’s win at the 2023 Badlands event in Southern Spain and simultaneously taking a deep look at her emotions and the determination that drives her.

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