- - Santini ADAPT Multi Jacket and VEGA Dry Bib Tight Reviewed

Santini ADAPT Multi Jacket and VEGA Dry Bib Tight Reviewed

Somewhere in Cote D’Azure sit a couple of posers regaling their chilly ride, pretentiously sipping their cappuccinos in some chichi cafe, while embellishing their 20-kilometer jaunt (that’s about 12 miles for us yanks) with tales of conspiring headwinds and fierce temperatures that fell to a life-threatening 60 degrees. Meanwhile, the mercury dipped into the mid 40s here in New England, requiring more than just a pair of arm warmers and a false sense of bravoure to face the cold, creating the perfect backdrop to put Santini’s new ADAPT Multi jacket and VEGA bib tight to the test.

The Adapt Multi is the result of a long-standing collaboration between Santini and Polartec. Focusing on adaptability, comfort and protection, the jacket features the latest generation of Power Shield fabric, a membrane-like material that’s made from 48% plant-based raw materials and free of PFAS chemicals, signaling Santini continued commitment to merging performance and sustainability.

“The Santini Adapt Multi Jacket is designed to tackle cold and rainy conditions, offering thermal balance in temperatures ranging from 0°C to +10°C. This jacket is crafted from Polartec Power Shield, featuring an innovative membrane made from 48% plant-based raw materials. This bio-based membrane is waterproof (with a 20,000mm water column) and highly breathable, efficiently releasing excess heat and moisture to keep your body dry. The chosen fabric for the Adapt Multi Jacket has a weight of 231g/m², along with Internal seams that are thermo-welded and the double front zip can open both from the bottom and top. Featuring a snug fit, the jacket is also treated with reflective shoulder band and Santini logo for added visibility in low-light conditions, as well as an extra waterproof zip pocket,” boasts the storied Italian brand.

The Vega Dry bib tight is Santini’s answer to the cold and wet, offering an integrated base-layer, along with waterproof, fleece-lined material that’s designed to keep one’s core and lower extremities warm and protected while tackling the elements.

The VEGA Dry features waterproof thigh inserts made from fleece-lined Super-Roubaix fabric, along with a fully waterproof PU outer layer for greater protection from rain and soil, while Sitip’s Blizzard thermofleece with Acquazero water-repellent treatment are tasked with regulating body temperature and keeping water out.

Additionally, the innovative, integrated base-layer is made from Primaloft fabric, a bi-component knit that transfers moisture out while enhancing thermoregulation, with saddle comfort courtesy of Santini’s C3 chamois pad.

So, how do the garments perform?

After traversing the landscape of western Massachusetts where temperatures remained steadily in the mid to high 40s, I’d venture to say that the ADAPT Multi jacket and VEGA Dry bib tight proved to be one of the most effective combinations that I’ve experienced for late autumn, early winter riding, providing the requisite amount of warmth and protection from the elements, while offering excellent ergonomic fit thanks to their “race cut” silhouette. Also, more than just being waterproof, the inserts on the thighs served to block the wind, creating even more warmth, an attribute that I was hoping for.

How low (weather-wise) can you go?

While the ADAPT is very effective at shielding one from the elements, given its minimalist lining, the jacket’s ability to create “loft” on its own is limited. Therefore, one would have to add a base-layer to the equation in order to ride in lower temperatures.

In the case of the VEGA Dry, it’s now become my go-to choice for a bib tight, offering warmth and comfort across all riding conditions, even if things should turn wet.

I should also note, that Santini was generous enough to send along a pair of its ADAPT gloves as well, which turned out to be the perfect compliment to the ensemble thanks to the same membrane-like, DWR water repellent treatment and triple layer fabric as the ADAPT jacket, while reflective inserts on the sides enhance visibility during low-light conditions.

Offered in a wide-range of sizes and color, the ADAPT Multi jacket and VEGA Dry bib tight sell for €250 and €240, respectively, while the ADAPT gloves fetch €50.



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