- - Santini Introduces New IRONMAN Collections

Santini Introduces New IRONMAN Collections

Santini is targeting triathletes with its latest collection of triathlon-specific apparel dubbed the Santini X IRONMAN, which as its name implies, was developed in partnership with the IRONMAN brand. 

The Santini X IRONMAN collection comprises two new tri-suits called the Koa and the Aahonoui Viper, as well as two capsule collections dedicated to the Kona and Nice world championships.

The Koa line joins the two already existing triathlon lines, Aahonoui and Ika Ika, featuring the Viper tri-suit that’s now available in two new color schemes for both men and women.

The Aahonoui line, named after the Hawaiian term for patience and perseverance, is made up of a cycling kit and a ti-suit, which rely on lightweight, quick-drying fabrics with aerodynamic properties, while the Viper tri-suit makes a return with two new color schemes: a black version with light blue and blue details for men and a black version with pink and light blue details for women.

“The Viper was developed based on wind tunnel tests and features a combination of two fabrics to allow for optimal aerodynamics: Trophy is lightweight, breathable and quick-drying, while Swan Warp is ideal for the sleeves. The outside of the pad is finished with grippy fabric to help to always maintain a stable position on the saddle. The Viper ti-suit is equipped with an IMG pad, specifically designed for triathlons, which is created using Tower Gel by Nicolini. This unique material is made up of small “towers”, which are taller around the ischial bone and shorter towards the edges of the pad, allowing for better shock absorption. Weighing just 52 grams, the pad is very lightweight, thin, flexible and quick drying. It does not absorb water and guarantees greater breathability compared to normal gel,” explains Santini. 

  • MSRP Men’s tri-suit $380 
  • MSRP Women’s tri-suit $365

As mentioned, Santini has also launched two new capsule collections, one that pays homage to the women’s IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, while the other is dedicated to the men’s IRONMAN World Championship in Nice.

Inspired by the vibrant blue, purple and green colors of this Hawaiian island, the Kona line includes two tri-suits, two baselayers and a jersey, while the Nice line includes a ti-suit, a baselayer and a jersey in navy blue with a blue and white striped pattern on the right sleeve, along with “Nice” written in the colors of the French flag for the men’s version.

  • MRSP tri-suit $380 
  • MSRP jersey $115
  • MSRP baselayer $35 

The collections are available at, as well as premiere cycling and triathlon shops around the world.


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