- - Santini Introduces Two New Lines of Triathlon Apparel in Partnership Ironman

Santini Introduces Two New Lines of Triathlon Apparel in Partnership Ironman

Santini has introduced two new lines of triathlon apparel in partnership with Ironman called the Aahonui and the Ika Ika that instantly standout thanks to their bold use of color and design. 

“Developed with input from the professional triathletes that helped us hone our products, the new lines are designed for all athletes that like to push their limits in the competition that is the very pinnacle of tri aspiration- the Ironman,” says Santini.

The Aahonui line

“The Hawaiian word Aahonui means patience and perseverance, both of which are vital for the triathletes tackling Ironman competitions,” explains Santini. 

The line comprises both a men’s and a women’s skinsuit called the Viper, which is made from light, quick-drying fabrics.

Both wind tunnel and field tested, the Viper features a combination of two fabrics that are optimized for aerodynamics; namely, the light, breathable, quick-drying Trophy for the main garment, and a material called Swan Warp on the sleeves, while the area of the chamois pad is treated with a gripper fabric that’s designed to help keep the triathlete steady in the saddle.

Additionally, the Viper includes Santini’s IMG pad that’s designed specifically for triathletes, which features Tower Gel by Nicolini.

As its name suggests, the gel is made up of a series of small towers that are higher around the seat bone areas and lower at the edges of the pad, ensuring optimal shock absorption.

The slim, flexible, quick-drying IMG pad is also feather light at 52 grams, as well as water resistant, guaranteeing superior breathability over a conventional pad.

The Ahaonui is available in two colors, red and grey and navy blue with grenadine red and grey detailing.

The Ika Ika line

“Ika Ika is the Hawaiian term for power and strength, both of which are reflected in the colors of our new line ,” Santini points out.

The Ika Ika is based on Santini’s Sleek trisuit, which features a two-piece design, in both a short-sleeve and sleeveless version with mesh sides for optimal moisture wicking and evaporation.

The men’s version comes in red and black, while the women’s is styled in aquamarine and black.


The Santini X IRONMAN collection is available at, a well as select Santini retailers.

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