- - Santini Launches New Viper Trisuit for Triathletes

Santini Launches New Viper Trisuit for Triathletes

Santini has launched its latest Viper trisuit, touting an increased aerodynamic advantage achieved through extensive testing with sponsored triathletes including IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion Gustav Iden.

“Santini created the new Viper trisuit for one simple reason: to help athletes to unleash their optimal physical performance in competition and thus ensure they achieve their full potential time,” says the storied Italian brand. 

According to Santini, after an extensive analysis of current cycling skinsuits, they engaged in a long process of testing various iterations of the Viper trisuit via wind-tunnel testing, as well as in the field, using the valuable feedback they received to develop the final design of the suit.

“Input from pro athletes of the likes of Norwegian Gustav Iden, who is both reigning IM 70.3 World Champion but winner of the Challenge Daytona thanks to a fantastic performance in the bike section where he clocked an average speed of 47.3 km/h over 80 km. Such invaluable input helped us  to craft its exceptionally innovative apparel to ensure it delivers not just superb comfort but to give the wearer a definite edge performance-wise,” explains Santini. 

The Viper trisuit utilizes a blend of highly technical materials like the light, breathable and fast-drying Trophy by Sitip and Swan Warp, along with a special grippy fabric for the contact area of the chamois pad to help keep the rider stable in the saddle at all times.

“The Viper trisuit, with a combination of wind tunnel tested fabrics for the maximum aerodynamic advantage, longer sleeves with elastic grip and an external grip on the crotch area, is pure innovation,” adds Santini. 

The Viper trisuit sells for €159, which you can learn more about by visiting


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