- - Santini Thwarts the Cold and the Wet with New Adapt Multi Jacket

Santini Thwarts the Cold and the Wet with New Adapt Multi Jacket

Santini is offering the perfect solution to thwart the cold and wet with the launch of its latest Adapt Multi jacket, offering a lightweight garment that’s aimed at providing the requisite amount of comfort and warmth for Autumn riding, along with an eco-friendly twist.

The Adapt Multi Jacket is the result of a collaboration between Santini and Polartec, which began in 2018. The watchwords for this new garment are adaptability, comfort and protection. Moreover, the Adapt Multi Jacket will be the first in the Italian brand’s collection to utilize the most sustainable variant of the Power Shield fabric, featuring a new membrane made from 48% plant-based raw materials and free of PFAS chemicals, which are hazardous to health and the environment.

The choice of the Polartec Power Shield bio-based membrane is part of Santini’s long-standing commitment to sustainability. With the Adapt Multi jacket, Santini is gradually introducing the Polartec bio-based membrane starting from the Autumn/Winter 2023/24 collection. This new membrane will run alongside the previous membrane for an initial period. The ultimate goal is to use the Power Shield bio-based membrane in all garments with Polartec fabrics starting from the Autumn/Winter 2024/25 collection.

“The Santini Adapt Multi Jacket is designed to tackle cold and rainy conditions, offering thermal balance in temperatures ranging from 0°C to +10°C. This jacket is crafted from Polartec Power Shield, featuring an innovative membrane made from 48% plant-based raw materials. This bio-based membrane is waterproof (with a 20,000mm water column) and highly breathable, efficiently releasing excess heat and moisture to keep your body dry. The chosen fabric for the Adapt Multi Jacket has a weight of 231g/m², along with Internal seams that are thermo-welded and the double front zip can open both from the bottom and top. Featuring a snug fit, the jacket is also treated with reflective shoulder band and Santini logo for added visibility in low-light conditions, as well as an extra waterproof zip pocket,” boasts Santini. 

Available in four colors, black, neon green, neon orange and burgundy, the jacket sells for $314.95. There’s also a women’s version that comes in black and pomegranate pink.

We recently received an Adapt Multi jacket for review, so stay tuned. 






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