- - Scenes from this Year's Eroica Primavera

Scenes from this Year’s Eroica Primavera


Scenes from this month’s vintage cycling event – Eroica Primavera in Buonconvento, Italy 

A thousand and one faces, all tired but very happy Broad and narrow, long and short, fat and thin. Bearded and clean-shaven, with glasses and without. Tired, sleepy, amazed and surprised. But happy. These were the faces of Eroica Primavera; 1,262 splendid participants who colored Buonconvento, the Crete Senesi and its art towns with their vintage jerseys and bikes.

Faces glowing with satisfaction and joy for having achieved a goal, their own personal goal, each according to the objective they set themselves and accomplished. There were four routes from which to choose, from 27 to 156 km, up and down the hills in the area south of Siena where dream postcards are made at every curve, up every hill, down every dale.

Eroica Primavera passed through cities, towns, villages, both big and small, creating enthusiasm for the Siena territory which is rich in history, art and beauty. All along the route, people came out to shout and cheer on the riders, who showed cycling to be one of the most exciting sports in terms of great achievements for generations.










Eroica Primavera

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