- - Schwalbe Reimagines the Presta Valve with New CLIK

Schwalbe Reimagines the Presta Valve with New CLIK

Schwalbe is attempting to reimage the Presta valve with the use of the new CLIK.

Deriving its name from the click sound the valve makes when it’s ready to pump air, the CLIK was Invented by John Quintana, with the goal of addressing problems with the current Presta valve, promising increased durability, better airflow and less clogging from tubeless sealant.

The design of the CLIK is very straightforward, combining the elements of both the Schrader and Presta valves into one configuration, wherein the outer dimensions match that of existing Presta valves, while a spring-loaded poppet valve is designed to allow both air to flow, as well as keep it in.

Additionally, unlike a Presta valve, there is no tiny nut to loosen or tighten, nor is it required for the pump head to lock down on the valve during inflation. Also, the top of the valve is protected enough so that no cap is necessary, but with a fingernail or small object, air can still be let out.

Lastly, the CLIK  can be installed into all current Presta valves by simply changing the valve core. There’s also an adapter for Schrader valves that screws onto the top of the existing valve, allowing you to use a CLIK Valve pump with Schrader valves, while still being able to use a standard Schrader valve pump or chuck as well.

Given that Schwalbe is the first company to incorporate the CLIK valve into its range of tires, the German brand has already been nominated for an award at this week’s Eurobike show.

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