- - Scope Atmoz Tire Pressure Monitoring System Will Make Its Racing Debut at Paris Roubaix

Scope Atmoz Tire Pressure Monitoring System Will Make Its Racing Debut at Paris Roubaix

Cycling’s governing body, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), has approved the use of Scope Atmoz tire pressure monitoring system in racing, which will make its debut under the auspices of Team DSM at this weekend’s Paris-Roubaix Classic.

“Authorized in line with article 1.3.004 of the UCI Regulations, the tyre pressure management system is controlled by buttons on the handlebar and uses mechanical valves to regulate airflow between the air reservoir and the tubeless tire,” the UCI release reads. “The system does not alter the structural integrity of the wheelset and does not contain any moving parts or compressors.”

In development for the last two years, the system has the ability to inflate and deflate a tire using an air reservoir housed within the hub that’s linked via a hose to a tubeless rim, wherein mechanical valves open and close to control the pressure within the tire that can be viewed on a compatible head unit thanks to ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Scope Atmoz is operated through the use of two handlebar mounted buttons. However, there are no specific details as to how quickly the system responds, or how long the reservoir lasts before it needs to be refilled.

Additionally, it’s unknown as to how much weight the system adds to each wheel.

Why Paris-Roubaix?

The famous French race has always been regarded as the toughest of the cobbled-classics, where tires and wheels play an important role in surviving the harsh riding conditions.

So, naturally, the Hell of the North is the perfect proving-ground to test the benefits of the Scope Atmoz.

Want to purchase the system?

As with all components approved by the UCI, the product must also be available to the masses.

So, the good news is, the Scope Atmoz can be purchased by enthusiasts. The bad news is, it costs a whopping 3998€.




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