- - Selle Italia Debuts New Eco-Sustainable Model X LEAF Saddle

Selle Italia Debuts New Eco-Sustainable Model X LEAF Saddle

Selle Italia has debuted its latest saddle called the Model X Leaf, featuring the Italian brand’s patented Greenwich technology, an eco-sustainable production process that avoids the use of polluting substances.

“Sella Italia’s philosophy has always been firmly focused on innovation because innovating means moving forwards which, with the addition of respect for the environment, is what led to Greentech production technology, a forward-thinking approach to creating bike saddles,” says the Italian saddle maker. 

Greenwich technology totally eliminates the use of any kind of polluting elements such as glues and synthetic resins, along with zero waste because any discarded material is put back into the production cycle. The end result is a saddle with components that can be recycled at the end of its life span. 

In 2021, the introduction of Greentech resulted in Selle Italia’s Model X line of saddles. The new Model X Leaf reaffirms the brand’s commitment to the environment, an ultra-eco-friendly saddle with eye-catching, leaf pattern graphics that are directly printed on the saddle’s transparent cover.

“The Model X Leaf saddle is produced through the mechanical assembly of three components, thus eliminating the use of polluting substances in full respect of Greentech production technology. The rail is made of ultra-strong and flexible FeC Alloy while the saddle features a waved shape for a more stable position for riders with posterior pelvic tilt. Lastly, the new Model X Leaf features anti-bacterial treatment integrated into the padding,” explains Selle Italia.

Additionally, Selle Italia adheres to a Zero-Miles production process, meaning it follows the same environmentally conscious standards as other companies that are within a 15-kilometer radius of its headquarters, further leading to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The Model X Leaf sells for $64.99, which is available directly from Selle Italia, or from authorized dealers.


  • WEIGHT 315 g
  • RAIL FeC Alloy Ø7 mm
  • DIMENSIONS 145×245 mm



Selle Italia 

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