- - Selle Repente Emphasizes Performance and Sustainability with New NOVA Saddle

Selle Repente Emphasizes Performance and Sustainability with New NOVA Saddle

Selle Repente has taken another step forward in the name of performance and sustainability with the launch of its latest NOVA saddle, setting new standards in production processes and material reuse by eliminating adhesives and solvents. Moreover, once the rails are extracted, recycling doesn’t require material separation.

The NOVA’s shell and padding are constructed with a single, fully recyclable polymer, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and processed with two different densities to achieve the rigid and soft components. From there, the components are coupled using an exclusive technology, while the TPU developed by Repente doesn’t require a surface coating, therefore no adhesives are needed.

Additionally, the TPU also enhances the saddle’s mechanical properties; namely, memory shape, impact resistance and impermeability even to oily substances.

The production process involves only one step. This reduces production times and costs, as well as the environmental impact associated with energy use and air emissions. This simplification also allows Selle Repente to offer this saddle at very competitive prices.


The wide anatomical opening, Close Fit ischial support, and Ergo Shape side shaping make the Nova a versatile and comfortable saddle, suitable for both road cyclists and off-road enthusiasts. Selle Repente has also introduced the innovative Soft Cell concept: the pressure exerted by the cyclist’s body causes a controlled sinking of the padding inside the cells in the shell. This technology adds comfort to the saddle, even if the padding does not feel soft to the touch. The seating surface has an anti-slip effect.

The aesthetics give Nova a distinctive character, while the ergonomic design benefits from Selle Repente’s experience over the past 7 years as a partner with professional teams.

Nova Aeron: 260 x 142 mm | 230 gr. | rail: cromoly | 85 euros

Nova ST4:    260 x 142 mm | 285 gr. | rail: ST4 Steel | 69 euros

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