- - Selle Repente Launches New Time Trial/Triathlon Specific "Magnet" Saddle

Selle Repente Launches New Time Trial/Triathlon Specific “Magnet” Saddle

Italian new-comer Selle Repente has launched a new time trial/triathlon specific saddle called the Magnet that weighs in at a feathery 135g thanks to a new autoclave process.

“We were able to trim the weight down to an outstanding 135 grams – creating the entire structure by autoclave processing. This process ensures a more compact and uniform carbon fibre texture, enhancing the mechanical properties of the material as no other machining process can do,'” says Selle Repente.

The Magnet comprises a high-modulus carbon fiber shell and a new anatomical and ergonomic shape that allows it to conform to both male and female body shapes, relying on a wide central anatomic channel to provide optional comfort and support.

“The Magnet has been specially shaped on the basis of studies carried out to ensure optimal distribution of weight over the saddle surface, help blood circulation in the pressure points and avoid any annoying feeling of numbness,” explains Selle Repente.


The Magnet also features a “differential section rail”, allowing it to take into account the differences in the distribution of forces along the longitudinal and transverse axes of the saddle, while the length of the rails have been optimized to provide a greater range of “travel” for the perfect fore and aft position of the clamp.  

Padding for the Magnet relies on EVA, while the PU cover material uses a special grip layer located in the seat tip to help the rider maintain the ideal sitting position even under extreme pedaling force, thus the name Magnet.

Selle Repente was also keen to include some styling queues for the Magnet , which embellishes the silhouette of a cyclist in an aerodynamic position underneath the shell.


The 249 € Magnet is currently being ridden under the auspices of the Spanish Caja Rural – Rga team and the women’s elite teams of Wnt Rotor and BePink.




Selle Repente 

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