- - Selle Royal Launches New Range of Saddlebags

Selle Royal Launches New Range of Saddlebags

Renown for its artisan quality bicycle saddles, it would only make sense that Selle Royal would venture into the realm of saddlebags, launching a new range of compact storage solutions that consists of three new models. 

Simply referred to as the small, medium and large bags, all three feature tear and scratch-resistant material, along with the Italian brand’s patented Integrated Clip System. Also, each saddlebag includes a hex-key so riders can tighten and adjust the bag to suit the needs of their bike.

Small saddlebag

“The ideal companion to assist everyday riders on their journeys. This compact and practical model has a capacity of 0.6l, meaning there’s enough space to hold a multi-tool, inner tube and personal items such as keys and a mobile phone while remaining discreet under the seat. The durable material ensures the cover and zipper are all water-resistant. ”

SRP: €14.90

Medium saddlebag

“With a 1.2l volume capacity, the medium bag allows the cyclist to stow everything they may need for a longer ride – from personal items to small tools and even a compact bicycle pump. This model features a small internal pocket for further organisation. As well as being water-resistant, the Medium bag has a smart attachment point, which allows the user to attach lights or other accessories to it.”

SRP: €19.90

Large saddlebag

“A smart solution for long tours and many hours in the saddle, this seat pack features a roll closure for easy access and flexible stowage. Fully waterproof, this clever design offers up to 2l of volume capacity and a smart attachment point for lights and accessories.”

SRP: €24.90

All three saddlebags are available now, which be purchased on the Selle Royal website

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