- - Shimano Introduces New 30mm RS Wheelset

Shimano Introduces New 30mm RS Wheelset


The Japanese component giant, Shimano, has introduced a new entry 30mm, level wheelset to its range of wheels for 2015. 30mm-deep 11-spd wheel to its lineup, the entry level WH-RS330.

The new wheelset features a 21 spoke rear , with 14 spokes on the drive-seide and 7 on the nondrive-side in a 2:1 pattern, while the front has a 16 spoke layout.

Shimano’s weight claims are, 845g for the front and 1,179g for the rear, with a total weight of 2,024g.

The new wheelset is compatible with both 10 and 11 speed Shimano groupsets.

“This wheel is a balance between rigidity, durability and lightweight and designed for comfort and everyday riding,” says Shimano.

“The main characteristics of the wheel are a 30mm high rim, a 2:1 spoke pattern at the rear wheel, cup and cone bearings, oversized alloy nipples and it’s compatible with 10 and 11-speed groupsets.”

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