- - Shimano Offers Indoor Specific IC5 Cycling Shoe

Shimano Offers Indoor Specific IC5 Cycling Shoe

Shimano has introduced a new indoor specific cycling shoe called the IC5, which incorporates a rigid plate across the full length of the sole, giving the shoe a level of rigidity otherwise not found in most “spin class” shoes.

“For fierce workouts and new personal bests, the new Shimano Indoor Cycling IC5 cycling shoe will help you push harder, ride farther, and challenge yourself every time you hit the studio. You put in the effort and the SPD-compatible IC5 shoes deliver your power to the pedals for your most intense workouts,” says Shimano.

Additionally, the IC5 also features a soft, breathable mesh upper that envelopes the foot for a comfortable, secure fit, while a BOA closure system and wide strap across the top further allows the cyclist to fine tune fit. 

Perhaps just as appealing as fit, the IC5 was designed with walkability in mind as well. Thanks to the recessed cleat channel and full rubber sole, cyclists can walk across the studio floor without fear of slipping and falling.

The IC5 sells for $125, and is available in sizes ranging from 36 to 44 in purple, black and white. 




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