- - Shimano's New 105 R7000 Groupset Gets Disc Brakes, Upgraded Shifters and More

Shimano’s New 105 R7000 Groupset Gets Disc Brakes, Upgraded Shifters and More

Shimano’s new 105 R7000 groupset ascends to the ranks of its more expensive siblings, now that the Japanese component giant has added dedicated hydraulic disc brakes, revised shifters and a host of other mechanical features.  

However, these upgrades didn’t come by way of mere trickle-down economics, rather the new 105 was closely developed alongside its Dura-Ace and Ultegra forebears, resulting in a groupset that shares many of the same attributes as Shimano’s more costly groupsets.

In addition to disc brakes, the new 105 also gets redesigned shifters that mimimic the same ergonomic features as the company’s more expensive Ultegra groupset, such as expanded reach adjustment. Moreover, in the case of the hydraulic levers, Shimano offers an altogether separate version that’s more compact called “R7025”, which allows for an even closer position to the handlebar in order to assist riders with smaller hands.

Shifting for the new 105 has also been improved, wherein Shimano has reduced the amount of “throw” in each lever, along with a toggle-design front derailleur that limits the amount of “force” necessary to actuate shifting, while a new integrated cable port ensures optimal “tension”.

As a result, Shimano was able to remove the need for in-line cable adjustors, while the Shadow rear derailleur provides more efficient shifting through the gears, while also keeping the derailleur more inbound toward the cassette and out of the way of objects. 

In addition to more stopping power and precise shifting, the new 105 also receives Shimano’s latest Ultegra RX clutch rear derailleur that’s designed to provide extra chain security on rough roads.

Lastly, the handsome new silver or black finish 105 groupset finally gets treated to a semi-compact 52-36t crankset, along with choices of 11-30t and 11-34t cassettes when paired with the optional long-cage rear derailleur.

According to Shimano, the new 105 R7000 will be available starting in June, with pricing for the caliper brake version starting around $745.00 and $1130.00 for its disc brake counterpart. 

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Employing the latest technology from DURA-ACE R9100 and ULTEGRA road components, Shimano 105 R7000 delivers added versatility and improved ride performance for a wide spectrum or road cyclists. Featuring refined ergonomics, ST-R7000 shift levers match the slim look and feel of Ultegra R8000 and R8020 while the addition of the RD-R7000-GS derailleur and 11-34T cassette expand gear ranges. The biggest news for Shimano 105 is the addition of hydraulic disc brakes with Shimano’s leading disc-specific features to the series lineup. New flat-mount BR-R7070 calipers are compatible with ICE TECHNOLOGIES pads and SM-RT70 rotors (including a new 140mm size) to offer the most capable Shimano 105 group yet.

FC-R7000 Crankset offers increased efficiency with more options

The FC-R7000 HOLLOWTECH II Crankset delivers optimum power transfer, balancing weight and efficiently without sacrificing stiffness. Shimano’s range of Rider Tuned crankarm and chainring combinations expands with the introduction of a new 160mm crank arm and 50/34t ring option.

  • Optimized lightweight crank arm design produces excellent power transfer efficiency
  • Redesigned chainring tooth profiling increases clearance between chain and leading teeth to provide compatibility with frames featuring 135mm O.L.D. and 410mm chainstay length
  • Crank arm lengths: 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm     
  • Rider Tuned gear combinations: 50-34T, 52-36T, 53-39T
  • MSRP – $159.99

CS-R7000 and CS-HG700-11 Cassettes further expand gearing choices

The R7000 cassette features an increased range of high-performance gearing combinations while the new 11-34T CS-HG700 cassette further expands gearing options for a wide variety of terrain. Designed to fit both MTB- and road-specific (with spacer) wheelsets, the 11-34T gear combination provides mixed terrain riders more wheelset options than ever before.

  • High performance rider tuned gearing with wider gar 
  • CS-R7000 gear combinations: 12-25T, 11-28T, 11-30
  • CS-HG700 gear combination: 11-34T (MSRP – $55.99)
  • CS-GH700-11 11-34T cassette also fits 10-speed freehub

Shimano 105 Series new hydraulic disc brakes offer all-conditions control

Utilizing Shimano’s lightweight and sleek flat mount design, the BR-R7070 Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper features premium stopping power and aerodynamics for road applications. The new SM-RT70 rotor offers ICE TECHNOLOGIES construction for excellent heat management for confident performance on the longest descents. 

 BR-R7070, Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper

  • Increased rider control in all conditions
  • Sleek Flat Mount design integrates seamlessly into a road bike’s aero profile
  • MSRP – $69.99 (front), $64.99 (rear)


  • ICE TECHNOLOGIES construction provides excellent heat management 
  • 140mm MSRP – $33.99
Rim brakes feature sleek design, improved performance and increased tire clearance

Shimano’s legacy of industry-leading rim brake performance continues redesigned Dual-Pivot and Direct Mount models feature new technologies and sleek designs, resulting in improved stopping power and efficiency with clearance for 28C tires.

  • Clear contact feeling with balanced rigidity, weight and stopping power
  • Sleek design with a narrower gap between arms
  • Wider clearance with larger tire sizes (up to 28C)
  • BR-R7000 MSRP – $94.99 (pair)
  • BR-R7010-F (Direct Mount Front) MSRP – $57.99
  • BR-R7010-RS (Direct Mount Seat Stay) MSRP – $57.99
  • BR-R7010-R (Direct Mount Chain Stay) MSRP – $52.99

Refined Dual Control Lever ergonomics and a new small hand option for better control and improved precision

Shimano 105 ST-R7000 and R7020 feature redesigned internal shift units for slimmer, more ergonomically shaped control levers that match the design of Ultegra R8000 and R8020. Increased reach adjustment of up to 15mm provides more control and reliable performance in all conditions for both mechanical rim brake and hydraulic disc brake options. The new ST-7025 Hydraulic Dual Control levers offer the same features as ST-7020, but the reach starts 4mm closer and the lever blades allows riders with small hands to comfortably and securely brake without rotating their hands forward to grab the levers.

ST-R7000, Dual Control Lever (MSRP – $234.99 pair)

ST-R7020, Hydraulic Disc Brake Dual Control Lever

ST-R7025, Hydraulic Disc Brake Small Hand Lever

• Redesigned shifting unit for quick and intuitive shifting
• Increased reach adjustment range (15mm)
• Slimmed-down hydraulic internals for similar ergonomics between disc and rim brake configurations
• ST-R7000 MSRP – $234.99 (pair)
• ST-R7020 MSRP – $309.99 (each, includes lever, caliper, and line)
• ST-R7025 MSRP – $314.99 (each, includes lever, caliper, and line)

Precise front shifting with wide gear range compatibility 

The new FD-R7000 front derailleur utilizes the new link construction first introduced with DURA-ACE R9100 for easy setup and fine-tuning adjustments without the need for specialty tools. The RD-R7000 rear derailleur utilizes Shimano’s SHADOW RD low profile design and will be offered in both SS and GS cages for wider gear range combinations.
FD-R7000, Front Derailleur (2×11-speed)

• New construction matches the force curve of the hand more naturally to reduce effort at the end of shifting
• New design allows for more flexible cable routing design
• Redesigned for disc-specific frames, accommodating a wider gear pitch without sacrificing shifting performance
• MSRP – $39.99

RD-R7000-SS/GS Rear Derailleur (11-speed)

• The Shimano SHADOW RD low-profile design increases shift stability and reduces crash vulnerability while providing a sleek integrated appearance
• Two cage length options provide wide range of gearing compatibility
• RD-SS covers: 11-25T to 11-30T
• RD-GS covers: 11-28T to 11-34T
• MSRP- $52.99 (RD-R7000-SS), $57.99 (RD-R7000-GS)

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