- - SIDI Celebrates 60th Anniversary with New SIXTY Road Shoe

SIDI Celebrates 60th Anniversary with New SIXTY Road Shoe

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, SIDI has launched a new flagship road shoe aptly called the SIXTY.

“The SIXTY shoe was meant to be a tribute to these 60 glorious years of history, so focus was placed on structure, features and shapes, which synthesize our evolving journey and offer all the finest in technology and materials, perfectly matched to a modern and appealing design,” says SIDI.

According to SIDI, the new SIXTY features all the latest technology of the Italian brand’s Shot and Wire 2 Carbon models, including its Tecno-4 closure system that comprises a single rotor dial to reduce weight combined with a velcro strap on the toe box to ensure precise fit, along with a new integrated heel design with reflective inserts, a replaceable anti-slip heel pad and a vented carbon sole to further reduce weight and increase airflow. Moreover, the venting can be opened or closed depending on the riding conditions.

“The SIXTY is much more than just a shoe, it represents not just a commemoration of the company’s milestone but a starting point for expansion and innovation with the goal “to create products with the highest ever quality standards,” adds SIDI.

The SIXTY will go on sale in January for £330, which will be available in blue and black, red and black, white and black and plain black colorways. 




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