- - Sigma Launches New ROX 12.1 EVO Cycling Computer

Sigma Launches New ROX 12.1 EVO Cycling Computer

SIGMA has launched its newest cycling computer called the ROX 12.1 EVO, boasting versatile map navigation functions that can provide cyclists with the best routes and ensures they reach their destination safely. Moreover, it tracks and records comprehensive data from every ride, allowing cyclists to review their performance and take their training to new heights.

“The ROX 12.1 EVO is the EVOlution of our multiple award-winning ROX 12.0 Bike Computer,” shares Daniel Conka, Senior Product Manager at SIGMA. “With a sleek and compact 3-inch display, the new ROX 12.1 EVO is perfect for the modern cyclist. We have equipped it with a wide array of cutting-edge features that enhance navigation, training, and connectivity, delivering even greater comfort and safety for bike enthusiasts. Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that the ROX 12.1 EVO is the first SIGMA bike computer to be made in Germany, representing the highest standards of quality, durability, and customer satisfaction worldwide. We are immensely proud that the new ROX fulfills these exacting criteria.”

Excellent navigation and tour planning

Whether it’s a thrilling weekend MTB adventure or a challenging multi-day trek through the mountains on a versatile gravel bike, the ROX 12.1 EVO delivers exceptional navigation functions, consistently guiding cyclists to their destination. With maps styled by SIGMA, highlighting the best cycling routes and trails, the bike computer ensures a safe and enjoyable ride, regardless of the terrain or bike type. The availability of worldwide map material and regular updates for download via WiFi, further enhance the user experience.

The ROX 12.1 EVO makes tour planning effortless, enabling the user to choose from three different routes while customising their preferences based on terrain type. On the road, the transflective 3-inch display offers clear turnby-turn directions and visual and acoustic cues for the next turn. Creating tracks is now a breeze on the ROX, DATA CENTER, or SIGMA RIDE APP. Tracks can be easily imported from popular portals such as Strava and Komoot or loaded as a .gpx file into the compatible SIGMA RIDE app. The tracks are readily accessible and synchronised with the ROX 12.1 EVO, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable ride every time.

Flexibility for a customised setup

With six predefined sport profiles and up to 20 individually configurable sport profiles, the ROX 12.1 EVO is ready for any bike ride. Within each sport profile, training views, route preferences and alarms can be personalised. Cyclists can choose from a wide range of functions: On the ROX 12.1 EVO or in the SIGMA RIDE app, profiles can be easily created and adjusted individually – even during training. Six training views of the ROX 12.1 EVO offer maximum flexibility, can be configured according to your own wishes and coloured differently. In addition, views for workout, navigation, FEC Smart Trainer and laps are available on the ROX 12.1 EVO. The ROX 12.1 EVO helps to perform a structured workout. The most important workouts are already preinstalled. Workouts from portals such as TrainingPeaks are also easily loaded onto the ROX 12.1 EVO via the RIDE app.

Easy pairing with the e-bike and external sensors.

The ROX 12.1 EVO is a versatile GPS bike computer that connects seamlessly to a wide range of e-bike systems. Once paired, the device displays vital information such as range, battery status and support level, as well as offering shift recommendations to optimize energy usage. ANT+ and BLE sensors can also be connected easily for monitoring speed, cadence, and heart rate. The device can even be paired with radar, electronic gear shifting, or the power meter.

Modern user interface and smart notifications

In terms of usability, the ROX 12.1 EVO boasts an intuitive interface that combines both touchscreen and button functionality. With five large buttons and modern design, this bike computer is simple to operate, while the optimized typography and layout ensure excellent readability. The device’s high-performance hardware ensures smooth and seamless navigation, while quick-access shortcut menus and favorites allow users to swiftly access their most-used features. Moreover, when paired with a smartphone, the ROX 12.1 EVO provides smart notifications that keep riders connected and informed while on the move. Incoming calls, messages, and emails are displayed on the device’s 3-inch transflective display, with the option to read messages directly from the device. For those seeking an extra boost of motivation, the ROX 12.1 EVO even displays emojis sent by friends and family, adding a touch of color to every ride.

Stay safe on the road with automatic Crash Detection

The ROX 12.1 EVO takes safety on the road to the next level with its integrated crash detection system. In the event of a fall, the bike computer quickly detects the impact and prompts the cyclist to confirm their safety within a 30-second window. Should the confirmation not be received, the device automatically sends an emergency alert to pre-selected contacts via the SIGMA RIDE app. The message includes the cyclist’s GPS coordinates, ensuring that help is on the way as quickly as possible. This innovative feature provides cyclists with peace of mind, allowing them to focus on enjoying their ride to the fullest.

Statistics and Strava Live segments at a glance

The ROX 12.1 EVO enables cyclists to delve deeper into their data and track their progress over time. Whether analyzing data on the device itself or on their smartphone, cyclists can effortlessly transfer their training data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and keep a close eye on their stats from the past weeks, months, or even years. With the intuitive SIGMA RIDE app, users can set up the device to their exact preferences, manage tracks from different platforms, and transfer them directly to the ROX 12.1 EVO. In addition, graphical profiles for power meters or heart rate monitors provide a comprehensive overview of performance data. A colorful heat map also showcases the user’s performance on the track, allowing cyclists to quickly share their training data and tracks with third-party providers and social media networks.

The ROX 12.1 EVO takes the user experience to the next level with the integration of Strava Live segments. With this feature, the user can seamlessly transfer their segments to the device, and receive notifications on the display as they approach the starting point of a loaded segment.

To learn more about the ROX 12.1 EVO and its capabilities, you can visit Sigma’s website at (  

  • ROX 12.1 EVO – Night Gray – Basic Price: 379,95 €
  • ROX 12.1 EVO – White – Basic Price: 379,95 €
  • ROX 12.1 EVO – Night Gray – Set Price: 479,95 €
  • ROX 12.1 EVO – White – Set Price: 479,95 €

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