- - SILCA Dazzles with "Bourdon" Titanium Bottle Cage and Straw Kit

SILCA Dazzles with “Bourdon” Titanium Bottle Cage and Straw Kit

SILCA dazzles with its new Bourbon titanium bottle cage and straw kit, adorned in, you guessed it, a rich bourbon anodized finish. 

Inspired by Chris King, SILCA is offering the kit in a very small batch, which includes two SICURO Ti Bottle Cages and two Titanium Straws. 

Each SICURO Ti cage is hand-made in the USA at SILCA’s Indianapolis headquarters using custom manufacturing processes and a state of the art laser welder, the first of its kind in the bicycle industry.

Made from aerospace-grade titanium tubing, the cages also feature unique slotted mounting eyelets which allow fore/aft adjustability on the bike.

Who’s it for?

The uncompromising cyclist who wants the very best in bottle security, lightweight materials and longevity with the classic look provided by a titanium bottle cage that’s sustainability-focused, along with a stylish titanium straw produced from materials used in the cage production.

Oh, bourbon not included. 😉 




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