- - SILCA Introduces New Mattone Saddle Bag

SILCA Introduces New Mattone Saddle Bag

SILCA has introduced a new compact, water-resistant saddle bag called the Mattone (Italian for brick), which features a BOA Closure System and a Hypalon strap, allowing cyclists to access their content while remaining attached to the seat rails.

This is accomplished thanks to the Mattone’s unique zipper design that allows it to be accessed while on the bike, or to open like a book when removed for easy access for essentials like a spare tube, a CO2 cartridge, a multi-tool and some cash in a discrete package.

“Seat bag users fall into two categories: Seat Roll aficionados and seat bag users. Traditionally, seat bags have been simple open spaces that allowed content to jangle about, making noise and rubbing against each other. Often times a spare tube was pulled out of a seat bag to reveal it was more full of holes than the tube being replaced due to friction against a house key or multi-tool”.

“With the Mattone, we designed a layout similar to a book, where the bag can fully open to hold the tube and CO2 cartridge on one side, separated by a padded ballistic nylon ‘page’ separating it from the other side where you can store an inflator head, multi-tool, contact lens case, etc. The ‘page’ also contains a slot for a credit card, ID, money, or house key. The unique off-center Aquaguard Zipper allows the case to completely open and lay flat when off the bike, while also allowing easy access to the multi-tool and money/card slots when on the bike without risk of spilling all the contents of the bag,” says SILCA. 

The Mattone sells for $46.00, which be purchased directly from SILCA here. 


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