- - SILCA Offers New MENSOLA Computer Mount

SILCA Offers New MENSOLA Computer Mount

SILCA has launched a new cycling computer mount called the MENSOLA, offering compatibly for Garmin and Wahoo devices with virtually any stem.

“What if we could remove traditional manufacturing constraints from the design of a computer mount?”  Does anybody really want an extra clamp on their handlebar?  Clearly NO!  Mensola solves this by 3D printing each mount to your exact stem faceplate specification!   Eliminating the clamp from your handlebar, creating a lightweight, aerodynamic, and beautiful extension to cradle your computer,” boasts SILCA.

“The solution here comes to us in the form of 3D printing, which gives us the ability to manufacture practically any geometry without limitations of tooling or raw material stock sizes. With what is essentially unlimited design opportunity, the engineers then set their sights on making the strongest, most beautiful, and functional mount ever seen. Borrowing structural design elements from architectural and aerospace engineering, the team at SILCA was able to use a stressed-skin design with internal truss elements. The result is a mount that is 10-15% lighter than aluminum mounts manufactured by CNC techniques, while also being 6-12 times stronger than those same aluminum designs.  The stressed skin also allows for aerodynamic design elements to be used resulting in a reduced drag coefficient compared to previous designs. Each MENSOLA is printed in 6Al/4V titanium in our Indianapolis facility and matched with the highest aerospace grade 6Al/4V Titanium hardware for mounting to your stem. Weights range from 27gm to 36gm depending on the bolt spacing of your stem or hardpoints of your integrated handlebar. Please consult our fitment guide to determine fitment for your bicycle,” adds SILCA.

The MENSOLA features a brushed titanium finish, along with titanium hardware, that’s available across a range of widths from 22m to 35mm.

There’s even a special version that’s design to fit Black Inc.’s integrated handlebar and stem.

The MENSOLA sells for $175.00, which can be purchased directly from SILCA.



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