- - SLF Motion Cheats the Wind with New EVO AERO Derailleur Cage System

SLF Motion Cheats the Wind with New EVO AERO Derailleur Cage System

SLF Motion has given aero-geeks a new means by which to cheat wind with the launch of its new EVO AERO derailleur cage system.

Indeed, time trialists and triathletes alike can further reduce the aerodynamic signature of their bikes courtesy of the new EVO AERO, which boasts a narrower profile cage, along with a carbon front plate to better slice through the wind.   

“When efficiency AND aerodynamics are critical, our new EVO AERO System is the top choice for many! Our new system is unmatched by any competitor on the market when it comes to strength, durability, performance, and aerodynamics! Reducing drivetrain friction and aerodynamics does not have to come with a trade-off of decreased durability, decreased shifting performance, or even taking an aesthetic step backwards,” says SLF Motion.

The EVO AERO system capitalizes on SLF Motion’s previous Hyper AERO model, utilizing a lightweight carbon fiber cage and 7075 aluminum mounting brackets that now features a shorter and narrower profile, along with a 14-Tooth / 18-Tooth pulley wheel combination, while the pulleys spin on coated hybrid ceramic bearings to further reduce drag.

The EVO AERO system is available in Shimano and SRAM variants for $595. Customers also get to choose from a number of accent colors for the pulleys and hardware.




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