- - smrtGRiPS: "Connected" Bike Grips

smrtGRiPS: "Connected" Bike Grips

A Canadian based company, Boréal, has undertaken a vigorous crowd funding campaign to help bring to market, what their calling the world’s first "smart" handlebar grips.

According to the brand, when paired with a smartphone (i.e. an Android or iPhone) via Bluetooth, their smrtGRIP can help you find your bike if its lost amongst a sea of others, by simply tapping the ‘ring your ride’ button on the screen. And, once your trusted "ride" has been found, their grips can then provide you turn-by-turn directions to a given destination through navigation apps like Google Maps or smrtGRiPS Connect. From there, the directions are communicated through what Boréal calls its ‘haptic feedback’ technology. 

What is "haptic feedback" ? And, does it work you ask ? According to Boréal, the corresponding grip vibrates to tell cyclists when they need to turn in a particular direction, thus allowing them to keep their eyes on the road at all times.


In addition, Boréal says their grips also vibrate to tell cyclists about road hazards or traffic issues that lie ahead.

“Highly audible rings – that you can hear even through heavy traffic noise – add a layer of communication that tells you just what to look out for,” they say.

The smrtGRiPS also provides ‘separation alerts’. For example, if a cyclist becomes separated from his or her riding partner, the grips will send an alert in the form of a vibration as well.

In the case of a stolen bike, smrtGRiPS also has the ability to notify other smrtGRiPS users  who come within 100ft of the bike – via the company’s GPS network.


Boréal claims their product is waterproof up to 30 feet, and has a battery life of 3 months between recharging. 

The smrtGRIPS sound like an interesting product for the modern day urban cyclist for sure. Those interested should check out Boréal’s current Indiegogo campaign. 

The World’s Most Integrated Connected Bike Upgrade… Ever. Put the future of cycling in your hands.

smrtGRiPS are the World’s First Connected Bike Grips. A bike upgrade that makes your bike smarter, safer and more enjoyable to ride without ever needing a display. It seamlessly integrates eyes-free navigation, haptic feedback notifications and a bike tracker. iOS and Android Ready. All right in your hands.

  • Know where you’re going: Stay on track with turn-by-turn eyes-free directions.
  • Keep your eyes on the road: Know more about road conditions ahead, thanks to eyes-free haptic feedback vibrating alerts.
  • Keep an eye on your bike: Track your bike if it goes missing.
  • Find your bike: Have it send you a signal so you can find it in a crowd.
  • Stay together: Receive a separation alert you if someone in your group strays away.

It makes your ride safer. It helps you keep your ride in close site by tracking it. It helps you find your bike. It helps you stay together.





After experimenting with various wearable devices that promise to improve our lives, but ultimately curb your vision or provide an experience that borders on sensory overload, we chose to go the other direction.

We went all the way 8-bit old school for our device, using state-of-the-art 32-bit Bluetooth System-on-a-Chip Smart Technology, because sometimes less really is  better. It works just right, and we’re pretty proud of our technologically minimalist approach. 

smrtGRiPS Connect gives your bike the means to communicate with you, through different haptic vibrational patterns and highly audible distinctive rings. 

smrtGRiPS Connect strives to transform your bike into that dependable attentive friend that helps you know what’s coming through a subtle nudge or – when you really need to pay attention – a forceful shake. 

Thoughtfully minimalist, integrated and balanced, this is technology that will doesn’t stick out. It’s all about improving that symbiotic relationship between you and your bike, so you can have a ride that’s smart and connected, but frees you to enjoy that immersive experience called The Ride. Look at it this way – you can squint at a screen, or you can ride –  take in the view, be with your friends, and fully enjoy the trail. 

smrtGRiPs Connect App’s unique features improve  and perfect your Eyes-Free Connected Biking Experience: 

Compatible with iPhone 4s & later, iPad 3rd Generation & later, and Android 4.4 devices with Bluetooth 4.1. 

*For iPhone and iPad. For Android, it depends on model

  • Eyes-Free Navigation
  • Right and left haptic feedback custom notifications
  • Notification prioritization and customization for your Google Maps, Google Fit and Apple Healthkit notifications
  • Highly audible custom alerts
  • Crowd-sourced Bike Tracking
  • Separation alert (up to 10 riders*)
  • SmrtGRiPs Connect Navigation enabled by Telenav’s Scout SDK. (Turn-by-turn directions, Bike lanes, Popular Routing, Buddy Radar (nearby Friends) and more.


The smrtGRiPS Indiegogo Featured Perk includes the smrtGRiPS Grips, the smrtGRiPS devices and charger. The smrtGRiPS Grips will fit into any standard handlebars (except drop downs. Drop down version available in Q2 2015). Made of a durable and grippy rubber that will give you all the control you need. And when paired with smrtGRiPS devices, you’ll have all the foresight needed to make any bike trip an enjoyable one. Add an upgrade. Get your reward. Quantities are limited.

smrtGRiPS MTB/BMX Upgrade  

When going on the trail, we love our Lock Clamp Grips.  They stay on, don’t rotate and they can be removed and reinstalled as needed. They are tough and reliable on carbon and  aluminum handlebars, like smrtGRiPS.  We have designed a lock ring for Lock Clamp Grips, so you can enjoy smrtGRiPS wherever the trail brings you. And we are making them with the highest quality alloy and grippiest rubber. They won’t disappoint. If you want the smrtGRiPS version with the greatest staying power, then choose the smrtGRiPs MTB/BMX Upgrade for only $23 or you can get the Upgrade for free by bringing in $200 in referrals. Simply log in to Indiegogo to get your personal tracking URL, then press the share buttons or share your unique URL (below the main video at the top of the page). 
smrtGRiPs Brooks* Slender Grips Upgrade

We love Brooks England* Bike Accessoires and we wanted the smrtGRiPS to have the same high quality look and feel. We designed a lock ring for our smrtGRiPS that is truly inspired by the Brooks Slender Grip. It fits and matches perfectly.  If you have Brooks Slenders Grips, get the Brooks Slender Grips Upgrade for only $18 or you can the Upgrade for free  or you can get the Upgrade for free by bringing in $180 in referrals. Simply log in to Indiegogo to get your personal tracking URL, then press the share buttons or share your unique URL (below the main video at the top of the page). 

This perk only includes the external lock rings (2)  designed for the Brooks* Slenders Grips, and not the grips. 

  1. Unscrew both lock rings. Pull out grip assembly.
  2. Replace the external lock ring with the provided external lock ring and tighten. Make sure not to overtorque the screw especially if you have a carbon handlebar. No more than 7.5 Nm in most cases. Please check with manufacturer’s recommandations.
  3. Insert the smrtGRiPS device into the grip and  tighten. 

The Specs

Get a close look and find out why smrtGRiPs are actually light sabres in disguise.

  • Aluminium casing
  • 300ft bluetooth range
  • Waterproof up to 10m 
  • High capacity rechargeable battery (3.7v/700mAh)
  • Diameter: 15.8mm
  • Length: 152mm
  • Battery life: One charge will last 3 months under normal use (2 hours of riding per day/Beacon in operation 24/7 ). Good for 800 cycles (at least 3 years).
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart 4.2
  • Connector: IP68 micro USB connector
  • Over-the-air Download Firmware Upgrades: The Bluetooth Smart SoC (System on a Chip) component on the smrtGRIPS is OTA-DFU (Over-the-air Device Firmware  Upgrade) enabled, so you’ll always be the first to have the most recent version of the smrtGRIPS available.
  • Device Compatibility: iPhones 4s & later. iPad 3rd Generation & later, and Android devices with 4.4 or above
  • smrtGRiPS Connected Bike Grips is IP protected.

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