- - Soomom Partners with "Mulga the Artist" on New Collection of Jerseys

Soomom Partners with “Mulga the Artist” on New Collection of Jerseys

Soomom has partnered with Mulga the Artist to create a collection of new jerseys that reflect the artist’s love for animals, colors and eccentric designs.

Mulga the artist is a well-known Sydney figure whose crazy designs and colorful animal drawings can be seen everywhere.

Indeed, from the Bondi beach mural to Westfield, the neighborhood school, or the vast Kings cross-building, Sydneysiders have probably seen some of his art somewhere.

“I like murals because they are a big scale and can have a significant impact and it’s fun to paint large scale, and everyone can see and appreciate them. However, it’s pretty challenging work; you gotta travel, climb ladders, you get rained on, sunburnt etc.I also really love putting arts on products such as streetwear; I like the practical aspect. People get to use it, wear it, and do stuff with my art on their back. That’s why I enjoy collaborating with cool brands that create products people can use,” says Mulga.

The collection consists of four jerseys, ranging from flamingos to pandas, to unicorns and waves, each resplendent in Mulga the Artists’s inimitable style.





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